11th/12th April 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Capricorn

by Sarah on 08/04/2015


 Moon in Capricorn, managing the mind, managing emotions, changing our state, living with paradox, pleasure and pain


Unlikely Graces


Sarah Varcas

This Quarter Moon falls in the 22nd degree of Capricorn. She reminds us to bless ourselves amid the trials of life, to nourish our soul even when life simply won’t go our way. She affirms that every cloud truly does have a silver lining, not as a throw away platitude but as a lived experience when we open ourselves to unlikely graces in times of trouble.

In the grit and gravel of life our inner strength is honed and wisdom otherwise hidden is illuminated. Challenges have their place, there’s no denying it. But they may occupy our focus to the exclusion of all else if we await their end before entertaining the prospect of pleasure. This Moon encourages a different view, reminding us to embrace fun even in the midst of strife. In this way the stark polarities of experience soften into a subtler narrative of both/and, not either/or. We are no longer obliged to wait on solutions before we can enjoy life. We can embrace pleasure even as we ponder our latest challenge, knowing that one does not eradicate the other.

This lunar message is important. The vicissitudes of life do not have to dictate our every emotion. There may be all manner of curve balls in the air, approaching from all directions, but we can still decide to go for a stroll, feed the ducks or embrace frivolity and have some fun. The best game of poole I ever played was in the midst of the worst of times. Life looked so desperately bleak in every respect that I simply decided ‘all I’m going to do right now is play poole and enjoy it’. I watched the colours of the balls as they rolled across the felt, enjoyed the ‘crack’ of cue on ball, the look on my opponent’s face as I beat him! I just loved that game! It was awesome, because it was just a game, a moment of unmitigated unashamed pleasure in the midst of the train wreck that was my life. I learned something that day: no matter how desperately dreadful everything is and how totally hopeless it feels, I can still treat myself to a moment’s fun.

When we do this, something changes. Energy shifts, neurochemicals regroup in different ways, the body relaxes, even just a little: a tiny smidgen of blue sky appears in a blanket of very dark grey. In that moment we have changed our state and allowed both pleasure and pain to exist in the same moment and it is just such a paradox that reveals a whole new register of being, blowing life open to expose new and unseen possibilities. When we subvert the narrative of suffering in our life something truly magical occurs.

Black Moon Lilith loves this Moon. As much as she embraces suffering she just as easily drinks in pleasure and to get them both in the same moment, well… this is just the kind of subversive paradox that floats her boat! She can’t be doing with a monochrome life born of a choiceless outlook. She lives in the world of everything, where possibilities are endless and power unlimited. At the time of this Moon Lilith joins forces with the North Node in Libra at the apex of a Yod. Here we see reflected her power, OUR power, to change the future beyond our wildest imaginings. The deeper our relationship with Lilith the more profound the changes will be. But heeding the message of this Moon to bless ourselves with pleasure even in the face of pain is a good place to start. Each time we do this, starting today, we signal to the cosmos that we’ve got our blinkers off and are ready for whatever comes next: pleasure, pain, success, failure, loss or gain. Whatever arrives at our door we know we have a choice: we can always embrace a blessing or two, expand our horizons and enjoy unlikely graces.

Sarah Varcas

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