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April 2016 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 30 March 2016

    Spiritual Warriors With Blankets to Darn By Sarah Varcas   April begins as the recent eclipse season comes to a close. This may cue a sigh of relief for some, even though eclipses continue to resonate through our lives for several months. Last month was fairly intense and may have left us feeling […]

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22nd / 23rd February 2016: Full Moon in Virgo

by Sarah 19 February 2016

Image: ‘Pulling the Moon’ by Gary Rosenberg   One Mighty Misperception by Sarah Varcas The Moon is full in Virgo at 6:21 p.m. UT on 22nd February. Occurring as Jupiter retrogrades across the solar eclipse degree from 13th September 2015, this Moon illuminates in fullness events of the past five months, their complex tapestry woven through […]

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April – October 2015: Black Moon Lilith in Virgo and Libra

by Sarah 8 April 2015

  Image: “To Free Herself” by Gary Rosenberg   Power in the Raw By Sarah Varcas   Black Moon Lilith is the point on the Moon’s orbit furthest from Earth. She moves forward and then backward spending two or three weeks in each direction, occupying two signs during a period of a few months and […]

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28th/29th November 2014: Waxing Quarter Moon in Pisces

by Sarah 26 November 2014

      Walking the Path of the Heart By Sarah Varcas   The Quarter Moon occurs in the 8th degree of Pisces on 29th November at 10:07 am GMT. It offers the opportunity to build on the commitment to awaken ‘no matter what’ forged at the New Moon. This Moon speaks of mounting energy […]

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