17th March – 11th April 2015: Venus in Taurus

by Sarah on 17/03/2015


Gently Down to Earth


Sarah Varcas

And…. reeeeeeeelax! Yes, I can’t believe I said that either, given everything else going on in the cosmos at the moment. This month is proving to be incredibly intense and that’s not going to change. But nonetheless, Venus has arrived home in Taurus and she, if no one else, is poised for some downtime! We should celebrate her homecoming for it provides us an ally in the midst of current stresses. Venus in Taurus invites us to let go into pleasure, embrace our physicality and come down to earth with a gentle thud as we draw our fractured energies back into ourselves and anchor our awareness in the physical plane.

When life is intense and stresses abound it can be very easy to lose touch with our physicality. Emotions can cause us to fly out of the physical in the blink of an eye. With our heart racing and a million thoughts rushing through our head we can be spinning off into our inner space without even realising we’ve gone. Before we know it we’re shovelling food down our throats without so much as a moment’s appreciation of taste or texture, or walking the dog with our head bowed deep in thought, immune to the beauty of the sunset sky or the gentle rain on our face. For incarnate beings we can spend a lot of time oblivious to our incarnate state, experiencing our emotional and mental lives with significantly more force and power than our physical ones.

Venus reminds us now that balance is needed. In fact it is absolutely vital at times such as these. It is not for no reason that every circuit needs to be earthed for energy to flow through it. We must remember that we are also energy circuits and without effective earthing we can all too readily short out at best, and at worst, simply explode! Our physical bodies are under great pressure when our minds and emotions are tense and over-burdened. We need to pay them careful and loving attention to allow them to earth the energy flowing through us, take it down into the ground beneath our feet, share it with our mother Earth, before allowing healing energies to flow up from the earth through us and out into the cosmos. This exchange of energy is essential for our well-being and in the coming weeks it is vital that we focus on keeping our circuits flowing and our body, mind and heart in balance.

How we do this is our choice, as long as our body is at the centre of the process. We may enjoy a massage or two, or decide to retire to bed earlier than usual for a deeply nourishing sleep that leaves us refreshed and revitalised. We may decide that a hike through the woods or a swim in the sea will reconnect us with our physicality. We may want to be physically active in order to eventually relax, or prefer to simply stop, sit and do absolutely nothing as often as possible, allowing our body to relax ever more deeply and release the tension it has been charged with holding. We may want more sex, less sex, our favourite food or a cleansing detox. Our body may want to dance, run, skip, jump. There is no one way to embrace this Venus. We must each find what works for us, but essentially she wants us to remember that we are sensual beings in a material realm with physical bodies that need to be loved, nourished, nurtured and adored, not only by ourselves but also by others.

Venus in Taurus reminds us that pleasure is an indispensable part of life. It’s not something that we should postpone until we‘ve earned it or put off until we can find the time. Pleasure needs to be scheduled in our diary alongside all those responsibilities and demands that we meet every day. We need an appointment with our sensuality as much as we do with a client, our boss or our child’s school. It needs to have equal standing otherwise we will slip ever further out of balance as we struggle to remain connected with our physicality amidst the many distractions and challenges which repeatedly seduce us away from it. So in the coming weeks, no matter what else is going on in our lives, we need to make the commitment to find time for pleasure, whatever form it takes. Spoil ourselves a bit: our favourite restaurant, an afternoon in the garden, a night out with friends or a date with our beloved. Allow ourselves to feel pleasure, to embrace our sensuality, to enjoy the physicality of ourselves and the world around us. Stop to smell a flower, watch a baby bird, listen to a river. Smile at a stranger and feel the difference in our body from the usual preoccupied scowl our face usually wears! Whatever it takes to get those endorphins flowing and to make this world a more physically satisfying place.

The rest of life will carry on around and within us: challenges here, responsibilities there. We can’t stop it, but we can create the conditions in which we handle it better, channel life’s energy in a more balanced way, reconnect with the earth beneath our feet and the body we carry around every day. Reminding ourselves earthing is so very important that everything – and I mean everything – will feel better for it when we do!

Sarah Varcas

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