6th – 12th November 2015: Chiron Trines the Sun

by Sarah on 03/11/2015


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From Broken to Whole


Sarah Varcas

Ah… the touch of sweet healing and deep compassion, showering down from the heavens. Who wants some? There’s enough for all and then some: an endless source of nurturance and encouragement, sustenance and strength. These forces of restoration and renewal are forever present, but in the coming days they’re greatly heightened, reminding us we don’t have to do this alone but instead can garner support from cosmic forces powerful beyond measure. Whilst Chiron’s current alignment with Uranus and Jupiter accentuates the collective nature of awakening, its trine to the Sun bids us call down healing for our most private selves, into the most intimate places of our lives where no one treads. We each have such a place within: our deepest secrets, darkest shame, most crippling regrets. Their articulation may be beyond us for words cannot express the force of such wounds, nor their impact on our lives. But when the Sun and Chiron align, language means nothing as divine compassion reaches out to sooth a fractured soul.

This alignment is also one of wisdom, for it is through allowing the healing forces of the universe into our spirit without restraint, that we unlock our deepest knowing. Chiron is both the great healer and the great teacher. In developing wisdom we are made whole and through the healing of our brokenness, natural wisdom is restored. Our woundedness is the very path that we walk, not an obstacle to it. The twists and turns of our psyche – born of suffering and shaped as wounds – are, as Leonard Cohen said, the very cracks through which the light gets in. No one remains perfectly formed and whole. We are each of us broken by life and reformed in its image, walking the path of self-discovery and healing before we can know intimately the perfection that underpins our every moment, meeting our true selves within it, as if for the very first time.

So whatever we’re dealing with right now, be it shame or grief, self-doubt, depression, rage, fear or frustration, the heavens reach into our every cell and through every fibre of all levels of our being. This allows the hurt to arise into consciousness, exposed to the healing light of divine grace. It is a deeply private process even as we each do our part. We do not have to speak aloud or share what it means. We don’t even have to articulate it to ourselves. Some of our deepest wounds occur before language and their echoes within remain speechless, unable to articulate their presence or speak of their pain. But none of this matters, for this healing is beyond words, beyond concepts or the sense we try to make of our wild emotions. Nothing needs to make sense to the cosmos for it knows everything intimately in a way our minds can never do. All we need is faith that there is a chain of cause and effect being healed in this moment, restored to a state of wholeness previously shattered by life’s harsh edge.

We learn and grow through both bounty and lack, wisdom and ignorance, pleasure and pain. The human life is one of polarities and paradoxes: those who love us the most can hurt us so deeply. Those upon whom we must rely, no matter their best intentions, will inevitably let us down somehow, somewhere. Such is life in this material realm of ego and essence, spirit and matter. But the heavens know it all and reach deep within, restoring the wounds of humanity and rendering brokenness whole.

Sarah Varcas

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