14th – 19th May 2015: Black Moon Lilith Conjunct the North Node

by Sarah on 12/05/2015


Her Laughter Like the Night
Image: “Her Laughter Like the Night” by Gary Rosenberg


Alive In Lilith’s Embrace


Sarah Varcas

In Libra, Black Moon Lilith challenges us to searing honesty in the realm of relationship. She defies our need for acceptance, our reticence to rock the boat and our supreme efforts to be ‘nice’ and not admit to anger, intolerance and other perceived weaknesses. She reminds us we do not live in a uni-dimensional realm in which all things manifest as love and light. There exist shadows and darkness, hatred, anger and oppression. We may be compassionate one moment and blaming the next, desiring of freedom whilst clinging to a relationship that long ago shackled us. Human beings do not make sense and we frequently encounter the profound contradictions of human nature in the theatre of relationship and the drama of intimacy. The more we deny and avoid them in ourselves, the more distorted our relationships become, held hostage to the spirit of deception, denial and fear.

Lilith comes not to disrupt but to awaken. Stale relationships cannot bear the sharpness of her penetrating gaze, imploding under its incisive stare. She will not tolerate retreat into the safety of denial or avoidance of the elephant in the room in favour of polite chit-chat and social pleasantries. Lilith is not pleasant, she can’t abide chit-chat and she sure as heck isn’t polite!! But she is real, through and through, to her blood, bile and bone. She can be nothing but true and she stands behind us now holding our head up and our back straight, urging us to be the same.

But honesty is tough and demands great things of us. Even those known for their ‘straight-talk’ may use it to deflect from deeper, less palatable truths. The unbridled authenticity of Black Moon Lilith is a long way from our everyday conditioning. We can, however, approach her in baby steps, peering gingerly through her eyes, knowing where honesty is called for even if we cannot yet deliver. Her conjunction with the North Node reminds us an awakened future is dependent upon deep commitment to truth and a willingness to bear with even those truths which cut us to the quick. Only in embracing them can we uncover the fear prevalent throughout our lives, dissolving it, finally, in the light of awareness.

Lilith loves fear. She feels it course through her veins, transforming it into the lifeblood of awakening. Rejecting nothing she makes terror her own, refusing to side-step its icy fingers. With the current conjunction between Vesta and Chiron healing is at hand if we dare to explore our fear, inviting it into awareness to share its haunting vision. As it does so we must pay attention, for in that vision dwells our nemesis be it loneliness, failure, despair, profound loss or unbridled emotion. Only by allowing fear to speak its worse can we see through and release it. Avoidance and denial change nothing. Fear is the final boundary we refuse to cross and the prison wall which keeps us forever contained. Black Moon Lilith laughs at our folly, seeing freedom so close, on the other side of all that we dread.

This alignment challenges us to elevate our relationships to new levels of authenticity which, in turn, opens doors to a deeper field of grace. In its square to Venus in Cancer it reminds us that whilst love is not all hearts and flowers, even its more painful truths can bring us back to life. Black Moon Lilith knows the life-force of any relationship directly reflects its level of authenticity. The deeper the truths shared, the more energised the connection: fear subsides, possibilities expand, the future beckons with creative zeal. A relationship born of authenticity is powerful beyond measure as it challenges us to rise up and occupy our lives with an ever deepening commitment to integrity.

Deep honesty is power, but not the controlling kind. It reveals who we are beneath the fear of rejection and the imperative to be acceptable. In it we meet the other in all their awe-inspiring complexity. Together we connect in ways simply not possible from behind walls of shame and fear. The freedom of living our truth enables us to commit more deeply and empowers others to do the same. There is nothing to hide and nothing to fear. We are who we are and it becomes our choice what we do with it! We share our truth and receive that of others. In this fertile space of honest exchange is born a deeper respect and more powerful communion than ever before. This is Lilith’s unbounded heart where nothing is hidden and all is seen. It is ours when we face the distortions of fear and receive her revealing embrace.

Sarah Varcas

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