11th May 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Aquarius

by Sarah on 06/05/2015


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Image: “Contemplation on More Than One Level” by Gary Rosenberg


Adopting the Divine Perspective


Sarah Varcas

The Quarter Moon occurs in the 21st degree of Aquarius. With the current planetary emphasis on authentic relationship, this Moon reminds us that the often profound challenges of the interpersonal realm provide much grist for the spiritual mill. Within it we discover the many sides of ourselves and the many faces we must wear to navigate the world around us. It is a rare person who is the same with their partner as their boss, their father as their best friend. To a certain extent we are all shaped and defined by interaction with those around us and whilst challenging relationships can feel like torture at times, the quickening effect they have on our self-knowledge and spiritual path is often undeniable. In them we learn the art of self-assertion and self-sacrifice, of compromise and sticking to our guns; of how to love when the going gets tough and how to leave when love exists but we must move on anyway. The depths at which relationships touch and change us exceed those of many other experiences. Love and loss are defining points on our journey into wholeness.

The intensity of the Full Moon a week ago is fading. In its wake are revealed previously unacknowledged aspects of relationship. With Mercury’s next retrograde passage approaching (beginning on 18th/19th May), interpersonal dynamics are in the spotlight. In Aquarius the Moon appreciates contact but can also detach itself when necessary, establishing space between self and other. In its waning quarter phase it uses that space to discern what requires release. This current Moon speaks of changing relationships. They may be with friends or colleagues, lovers, partners or family members. We will know who they are and when the changes began. We may have done nothing at that point, simply hoping and waiting for things to improve. If so, this Moon reminds us that ‘improvements’ may not look how we anticipate and a rethink may be in order.

Whilst objectivity can be tough in the midst of relationship strife, a wider perspective can reveal the solutions we seek. If we cling to intimacy because we fear loneliness, or remain enmeshed with people who drain us, connecting with the vibrant presence of the sacred can lift us out of anxiety and confusion into a spacious state of mind that reveals new possibilities and previously unseen potential. But the strength of our need for acceptance can sometimes eclipse our divine connection. When attention shrinks down to the painful place of misunderstanding, loss and betrayal we can easily forget how vast we essentially are. How limitless at our core. We feel trapped, afraid, under pressure or oppressed. We may indeed be all of those things, but in lifting ourselves up and out, viewing from a higher perspective, all is not as it first appears. We connect with an infinite field of energetic potential within which possible futures dwell and the way ahead is revealed. From this place authentic intimacy can be born or a deeper understanding of the need to part. Either way insight is available and the divine perspective gives birth to our next step.

As the Moon approaches new on 17th/18th May we can reflect on our many relationships. Do they nourish or drain us? Are they purposeful or past the point of meaning? How might they look from a higher perspective? What is really going on and why?! This Moon offers understanding where previously there was confusion and sacred vision where we once peered through the eyes of fear. A fresh start could be just around the corner if we rise above the fray of emotion and perceive from a different space. Doing so births wisdom as the divine perspective prevails, bestowing clarity and insight as a balm upon our fear.

Sarah Varcas

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