14th/15th December 2014: Uranus Square Pluto

by Sarah on 10/12/2014


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Don’t Rush to Closure!


Sarah Varcas

This powerful aspect is exact at 6:15 am on 15th December GMT, but its effects are significantly more far-reaching than any single moment. As many are already aware, Uranus and Pluto have been partners in this particular square dance since the middle of 2012. This exact alignment is the penultimate one in a lengthy process of death and rebirth, destruction and creation, denial and acceptance, playing out at all levels of our lives in recent years. Few have managed to avoid its impact to some degree and those who have found themselves in the cross-hairs of these two powerfully imposing planet may have at times felt their lives were being systematically ripped to shreds! But as we approach the conclusion of this radical reordering we can begin to glimpse the potential inherent in the loss of so much we mistakenly took to be who we are.

Occurring within hours of the Virgo Quarter Moon, this aspect provides the perfect opportunity to do exactly what the gentle Moon suggested: meet ourselves by immersion in the divine. The invitation to turn within and dive deeply is extended across the vast expanse of the cosmos and delivered straight to our door. No one is left out. Every person has the opportunity to reach deeply into their inner space and shine a light on assumptions they may have made about who and where they are and what life is revealing to them. These assumptions, which may come in the form of spiritual platitudes swallowed whole without reflection, reveal important information about our relationship with life and our beliefs about its meaning.

Human beings are often quick to rush to closure. We sense a change happening, we know things must shift, but we want it done and dusted. The process of releasing the familiar and waiting in the consequent void before the next thing is revealed can be deeply unsettling. We often resist it in favour of jumping to the next place of certainty we can find, pinning our hopes and intentions on the first thing that feels remotely ‘right’ after so much feeling decidedly ‘wrong’. Thus we may find ourselves forever beginning things that we never finish or making commitments on which we don’t follow through. The comforting security of ‘now I know what I’m doing and why all this happened to me’ will last only as long as our focus is in the right place. If we have jumped to the next stage without honouring the one before, no matter how uncomfortable it may at times be, our creation will lack the foundations needed to thrive and before long it will flounder, as will we.

This current alignment brings this process into sharp relief and reminds us that change takes time. We must nurture its roots to enable it to follow its nature and grow into the next stage of our life. If we find ourselves eager to know what comes next and, perhaps somewhat desperately, trying to make things happen as a result, we can ease off now, remember the exhortation of the gentle Moon to step back, go within and wait. We don’t have to seek manically for the thing which will make sense of our personal trials and tragedies. It will find us soon enough, when the time is right and we are ready. Trying to manufacture meaning out of chaos whilst the chaos is still evolving simply creates more chaos to add to the mix, lengthening the time it takes for the future to manifest in the present.

Uranus and Pluto have delivered unimaginable change to many people in the past two and half years. We are still in the midst of that process no matter how far along we believe ourselves to have come. As the year comes to an end and we approach the completion of this defining period in the conscious evolution of this planet it may be tempting to think we should have travelled further rather than sitting in the midst of what may feel like devastation. This belief is not truth. It is the egoic mind telling us it knows best, egging us on into the false certainty of which it is so very fond. Which is why this is a time to step back, disengage and wait. Allow the chaos to engulf us even further and fill us with its questions and unknowns. As we sit in their midst not grasping for answers or signposts on the path ahead, we may hear the quiet whisper of the future, assuring us it awaits our arrival but in divine timing, not our own.

Sarah Varcas

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