10th/11th December 2014 – 3rd January 2015: Venus in Capricorn

by Sarah on 03/12/2014


 Venus in Capricorn. Jupiter in Leo, managing the material world, pragmatism, the mundane & the divine


Pragmatic Pleasure


Sarah Varcas

As Venus enters Capricorn she offers her support to Jupiter, who wants us intimate with both the mundane and divine, recognising no separation between the two, ever. In the coming weeks Venus will help us find pleasure in the material realm and comfort through the more routine aspects of life. She reminds us that we don’t have to go anywhere to touch infinity and drink from the well of the divine. We can do it right here, right now, no matter what the moment brings.

As she enters Capricorn she moves away from an alignment with Saturn. In doing so she reminds us that sometimes we simply need to stop digging, stop striving and attend to the next thing in front of us, be it preparing lunch, driving to work or phoning a friend. This Venus finds comfort in whatever needs doing now, in the gentle rhythm of a job well done, in the clarity of ‘one thing at a time’ and the satisfaction of ‘everything in its right place’. When in Sagittarius, Venus needed fun, stimulation and excitement to relax and that of course has its place. But in Capricorn she tones herself down somewhat and is nourished by the presence of material comforts and order which allows her to switch off knowing that things are under control.

Which of course they’re not! Nothing’s ever ‘under control’, not ours, anyway! Not really. Life can change in the blink of an eye and we along with it, never to be the same again. So in many ways this Venus has her work cut out for her, managing all these material concerns to garner the comfort that comes from knowing they’re as they should be. She attends to finances, possessions, keeps our home in order and our life ticking over in a pragmatic way. That’s the best she can do to stay ahead of the game and thereby earn the relaxation and enjoyment she deserves. But it’s good enough for her and she knows that an ordered life allows for greater freedom in the long run, liberating time and attention for those people and things that really matter.

As such, Venus in Capricorn offers some useful advice: focus on what you can control rather than stressing over what you can’t. When burdened with anxieties as so many people are (especially at this time of year!), it is easy to let everything else slip as we fritter away mental and physical energy trying to stay on top of a worsening situation that seems to have a mind of its own despite our best efforts to shape it! Venus in Capricorn puts up her hand and says ‘Stop! Let it go, even if just for a moment. Look around and find something you can influence’. It may seem completely inconsequential: the washing-up, perhaps, or baking a cake. Sorting the garden out or catching up with some correspondence. Venus in Capricorn loves the feel of getting things done and dusted so the decks are clear. She embraces the material world even with all its apparently endless chores and tasks. She wants us to do the same, to experience her own sense of satisfaction and completeness when we have done the things we can do and let go the things outside our control.

Sometimes the most profound meditations are done standing in the checkout queue. As we connect with the world around us, with all its apparent imperfections and irritations, chores, demands and responsibilities, we can begin to sense the pulse of life, of the divine, beating through everything and everyone. Looking through our eyes, breathing through our breath. Venus in Capricorn reminds us that we do not need to seek sanctuary to experience the depth of this connection for it exists in every moment and in every act that we undertake. The more present we can be to what we can influence, and the more willing we can be to release what we can’t, the more readily we can know the security of this pragmatic Venus who loves the everyday world with a passion just as much as she loves the divine which flows throughout it.

Sarah Varcas

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