spiritual courage

6th – 12th December 2015: Mars, Uranus & Pluto form a T Square

by Sarah 1 December 2015

  Image: “Charging” by Gary Rosenberg   A Time for Courage By Sarah Varcas   This powerful T Square activates Pluto and requires careful handling. An alignment of ruthless self-interest or courageous stamina, we can use it to dig in our heels and insist that the world meet our demands or to rise up and […]

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1st – 10th April 2015: The Sun Conjunct Uranus & Squaring Pluto

by Sarah 1 April 2015

  Choosing A Courageous Start By Sarah Varcas   As the lunar eclipse approaches, the Sun begins to dance with cosmic heavy weights Uranus and Pluto. The recent solar eclipse brought to completion a lengthy cycle of time, wiping the slate clean of missed opportunities and paths not taken. Whilst this may have felt like a loss […]

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26th/27th March 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Cancer

by Sarah 25 March 2015

  Reverse Chameleon By Sarah Varcas   The Quarter Moon occurs in the 7th degree of Cancer at 7:44 GMT on 27th March. It brings wisdom on how to live this physical life in a spiritual way. Two realms which seem so different, yet we live in both, simultaneously. This Moon reminds us that conscious […]

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