6th – 12th December 2015: Mars, Uranus & Pluto form a T Square

by Sarah on 01/12/2015


Pluto in Capricorn, T Square, Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries, anger, managing the mind, self-acceptance, courage, physicality
Image: “Charging” by Gary Rosenberg


A Time for Courage


Sarah Varcas

This powerful T Square activates Pluto and requires careful handling. An alignment of ruthless self-interest or courageous stamina, we can use it to dig in our heels and insist that the world meet our demands or to rise up and allow the creative force of life to flow through us with its awesome unbounded power. A conjunction between Pluto and Asteroid Pallas, exact on 11th December (coinciding with a New Moon in Sagittarius), affirms the healing potential of allowing this energy to flow unrestrained through our life. Like water which has dammed up but finally gathered enough force to push through obstacles and return to a state of flow, this alignment provides the opportunity to move through inner blocks which keep our own energy suppressed and stagnant.

Feelings may run high at this time, and events catch us unawares. T Squares are intense forces of nature and this one is no exception, with just about the three most uncompromising planets involved! Which is why we need to handle these energies carefully, with the sharpest awareness we can muster and unflinching integrity. Thus we can harness the force of nature that makes all things new and midwife our own mini rebirth in the course of just a few days. If we are currently overwhelmed with problematic circumstances, difficult relationships, habits that are hard to break or just the plain old relentlessness of life that simply won’t give us a break, this alignment offers hope of change. But we must resolve to embrace it. This is not subtle or gentle change but a gale-force wind that blows, briefly, through our days to clear the way ready for Mars’s opposition to the dwarf planet Eris from 15th December, signalling a tumultuous but nonetheless liberating journey through the second half of the month. This T Square offers a head start and invites us to release conditions that bind, inner dictates which keep us stuck and external expectations that imprison us in conditions we can no longer endure. The week of this T Square could be one we look back on and say ‘yes, that’s when I grasped the nettle and decided enough is enough!’.

The release of a T Square is often explosive so if we want to do things politely at this point we may struggle to do so! It may be that we have to get real, speak plainly, show our anger and express long pent-up emotions to get things moving again. Depending on our usual modus operandi we may feel uncomfortable with the apparent force required to make our point, but make it we must if we truly want things to shift. There’s no shame in expressing irritation and anger. It doesn’t make us weak or out of control, unreasonable or irrational. It simply makes us angry, and it’s how we express it that matters. One of the most feared and suppressed emotions, anger is often the lynch-pin for change, signalling where we can best contact the fire in our belly and establish the boundaries beyond which we or others are not to go.

No, it’s not an easy alignment, but it is full of life: raw, compelling, vibrant life that demands access to our consciousness to remake it anew. We may want to get physical to connect most viscerally with it: running, dancing, sex, zumba! Whatever gets us into our body will help us channel its energy in positive and rejuvenating ways. It may get some bad press, this alignment, but used well it can blast through blocks and keep us moving onward, if we have the courage, wisdom and commitment to let it do its thing!

Sarah Varcas

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