Mercury in Cancer

June 2018 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah Varcas 29 May 2018

      The Alchemy of Emotional Expression By Sarah Varcas   June 2018 finds us in the ‘waiting room’ of the next eclipse season beginning in July. How we manage the waiting, the growing sense of anticipation or anxiety, the mounting tension… or is it excitement?….depends largely on how happy we are to let […]

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8th/9th – 22nd /23rd July 2015: Mercury in Cancer

by Sarah Varcas 7 July 2015

  Image: Berto Voigt   Beyond Words By Sarah Varcas   Mercury enters Cancer at 6:53 pm GMT on 8th July, heralding a fortnight during which communications may become confused if we rely on hard facts and unequivocal clarity. This Mercury resonates with the less verbal aspects of communication: body language, tone of voice, words […]

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15th/16th August – 1st/2nd September 2014: Mercury in Virgo

by Sarah Varcas 14 August 2014

      Time for a Catch Up by Sarah Varcas   Mercury, the planet of communication and connection, is moving quickly now, dashing through signs like there’s no tomorrow! When the messenger of the Gods moves in this way information comes thick and fast, so it’s good to be on our toes to catch […]

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23rd to 26th July 2014: Past Patterns, Future Freedoms

by Sarah Varcas 17 July 2014

       Lessons in Changing the Future by Sarah Varcas   After plenty of shifts in the first half of the week, the second half is characterised by a powerful alliance between Uranus, Saturn and Mercury. If we are currently facing a struggle in some area of our life, this configuration provides advice and […]

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13th to 31st July 2014: Mercury in Cancer

by Sarah Varcas 11 July 2014

      Talking Under Water by Sarah Varcas   Mercury is now in Cancer until the month end. It was last here during the first two weeks of June, when it turned retrograde and headed back into Gemini mid-month. As it returns to the sign of the crab it revisits issues which arose back […]

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31st May: A Grand Trine in Water Begins

by Sarah Varcas 31 May 2013

  Water Healing by Sarah Varcas   Yesterday I spoke about the coming shift in energy and today the shift begins, with a Grand Trine in Water forming, the Moon now in Pisces conjunct Neptune, and Mercury moving into Cancer. The formation of this Grand Trine heralds the beginning of several weeks during which we […]

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