13th to 31st July 2014: Mercury in Cancer

by Sarah on 11/07/2014


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Sarah Varcas

Mercury is now in Cancer until the month end. It was last here during the first two weeks of June, when it turned retrograde and headed back into Gemini mid-month. As it returns to the sign of the crab it revisits issues which arose back then, whilst also providing a valuable opportunity to recognise the less obvious ways information is exchanged and communication occurs. Mercury in Cancer does not engage in direct communication, open disclosure, factual information. Instead it dwells in the twilight realms where we transmit what we feel through the ether rather than saying it aloud. We express ourselves through behaviour rather than speech, non-verbal communication rather than incontrovertible statements. In the world of Mercury in Cancer connection is made through feelings rather than thoughts and the notion of right and wrong is clouded by subjectivity and intuition. Where Mercury loves facts Cancer asks how can anything be certain when feelings shift so readily and the world is a highly subjective place?

But whilst those who like things cut and dried can be frustrated by this watery realm of half-truths, inferences and non-verbal clues, it is important that we all allow ourselves entry to this world on occasion, for only there can we begin to grasp the experience behind the words, the emotion behind the statement, the real lives and beating hearts behind the statistics. Mercury in Cancer enables us to connect with the living, breathing essence of communication rather than the drier and sometimes lifeless content of cerebral exchange.

So throughout the rest of the month we have an opportunity to consider what’s not being said, what is obvious by its absence? To pay attention to the impressions we’re left with rather than what was spoken. If someone’s words don’t seem to match their ‘vibe’ we can explore now what that may mean, not only about them but also about our relationship with them and what we may contribute to the mismatch they display before us. Exploring communication and connection in this way can facilitate deeper understanding of ourselves and others, for whilst we may believe we have been clear as day and beyond misunderstanding, if others experience us differently it helps to be aware!

Communication is a funny thing. No matter how careful we are to be clear, other people may hear something we didn’t intend. It’s hard to avoid such occurrences because we all interpret through our own point of view born of experience, beliefs, hopes, dreams and several unconscious factors we may never be aware of! Recognising these complexities can help us all be more accepting of difference, disagreement and misunderstanding, for they are inherent in the connection between two (or more) people. No matter how close we are to someone, their experience is different to ours. It cannot be any other way and thus, even a particular word the meaning of which we believe to be incontrovertibly clear, can signify something altogether different to them.

In a world currently riddled with both conflict and community, using the coming fortnight to consider how the former arises from the latter and what we can do to change this tendency, will be time well spent.

Sarah Varcas

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