23rd to 26th July 2014: Past Patterns, Future Freedoms

by Sarah on 17/07/2014


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 Lessons in Changing the Future


Sarah Varcas

After plenty of shifts in the first half of the week, the second half is characterised by a powerful alliance between Uranus, Saturn and Mercury. If we are currently facing a struggle in some area of our life, this configuration provides advice and support in finding our way through and learning what we must to avoid it happening again. The emphasis on repetition is important here. Whatever it is we are facing right now, there is likely to be a significant aspect of it which feels very familiar indeed. The people, circumstances or even ourselves may be very different than before, but somehow it rings a bell and carries an imprint of times gone by and patterns we thought were long dissolved.

We may find ourselves feeling despondent as a result, fearing that nothing’s changed after all. Here we are back at square one as if all the growth and progress we thought had occurred never happened. But it did, we can rest assured this is true. Change happened and is still happening, and part of that change requires that we revisit where we used to be, who we once were, in order to experience it from a different level of awareness with more tools at our disposal, with a better understanding of what’s really going on. When we find ourselves there it feels like going back in time, but in fact it is time moving forward into us, presenting old patterns and past wounds in the present moment for healing and renewal.

The biggest challenge now is to take a fresh look rather than making assumptions born of past experience. It’s so easy to slip into stale patterns without so much as a second thought, but we must guard against doing so at this time. The whole point is to find the new way of looking at things, of allowing fresh truths to reveal themselves, novel insights to occur. This is a time of seeing ourselves afresh and changing how we behave as a result.

Mercury serves to remind us now that everything has meaning, and frequently this meaning is hidden beneath a sheen of the most obvious conclusions we jump to! We need to look beneath this sheen to penetrate the deeper causes, meanings and messages of our lives. Take nothing for granted, it says. Assume nothing as fact. Listen not only to the obvious information which enters our sphere of awareness, but also to the subtle undertones, the unspoken inferences and feelings which assail us as we do so. At which point Uranus chimes in encouraging us to go one better than that: think the unthinkable, imagine the impossible and refuse to be defined, even by yourself. Remember the message of Uranus retrograde, that true liberation is unconditional and internal, not dependent upon circumstances and dictated by our environment. Anything which challenges us now does so to nudge (or shove!) us in the direction of these fundamental truths and the more we can allow them to do that -not digging in our heels and demanding logic and common sense out of life – the better able we will be to embrace the freedom on offer.

Which brings us to Saturn who reminds us that life itself comes with responsibilities, limitations and challenges. It’s part of the parcel. We’re not here for an easy ride but a transformational one. Some of it will be fun, some of it scary, parts of it may feel impossible to endure and others so delightful we resist their passing. But ultimately it can all lead us to truth, freedom and peace if we let it. And until we do just that, it will continue presenting us with possibilities and portals, opportunities and challenges until we embody, throughout every level of our being, the vibrant resonance of life uninhibited and a heart fully awake.

Sarah Varcas

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