15th/16th August – 1st/2nd September 2014: Mercury in Virgo

by Sarah on 14/08/2014


 Angel light on communication


Time for a Catch Up


Sarah Varcas

Mercury, the planet of communication and connection, is moving quickly now, dashing through signs like there’s no tomorrow! When the messenger of the Gods moves in this way information comes thick and fast, so it’s good to be on our toes to catch it all and quickly sort the wheat from the chaff. There will be plenty to sort through, too, because Mercury does not discern between truth and falsehood, objectivity and subjectivity, right and wrong, it simply passes the info around, leaving it up to us to decide what needs taking into account and what we can disregard.

This shift of Mercury into an earth sign assists with bringing cerebral knowledge into the material realm, using it in a practical way to manifest its fruit. Mercury is the traditional ruler of Virgo (although some – including me – believe that its rulership has now shifted to Chiron), so it has a particular affinity here. That, coupled with a simultaneous trine to the Moon in even more earthy Taurus, marks out this couple of weeks as a good time to get out of our heads and back in touch with the practicalities of life, reconnecting with our everyday environment and using that connection to ground us here in the present moment. The practical side of Mercury brings us connections with neighbours and our local community, correspondence in all its forms, information exchange and travel. All of these issues are highlighted now as Mercury catches up with things not done since mid July, when it was perhaps somewhat overwhelmed in watery Cancer or too inspired to get down to everyday tasks in fiery Leo. If you know there are things left neglected, best get to sorting them now as the heavens are on your side!

Mercury in Virgo is also adept at getting to the bottom of things. Analysis comes easily, detail is noted and nothing overlooked. It takes care in communication, making this a good time for addressing issues which require such standards: legal matters, for example, or health concerns, can all be usefully addressed and discussed at this time. Mercury in Virgo is not satisfied with a quick phone call but instead would like things confirmed in writing please, preferably point by point and with clear outcomes described for action agreed! This is all well and good if that’s how our own mind works, but if we’re more inclined to vague notions, ideas that shift and change with the weather and outcomes only defined once achieved, Mercury’s passage through Virgo may challenge us to be more precise in our approach to communication, which could feel like quite a demand!!

All that said, remember I pointed out the need for discernment at the beginning of this post: despite the Virgoan attention to detail, it’s still Mercury we’re dealing with and Mercury always requires some boundaries if we’re to use its energies well. So we would be wise to ask ourselves about the source of information we receive at this time, the value of that source and the best application of the information we receive. Likewise we need to consider: do I really need to pass on this information? Is it pertinent to the issue at hand or am I clouding the water with too much detail and mental proliferation? Maintaining this level of attention to information exchange can keep lines of communication open and flowing, and our minds clear enough to know what matters and what we can take with a pinch of salt.

Mercury speeding through Virgo in this way gives us a chance to sort stuff out, get to the bottom of things, clear up unfinished business and sort out important matters that require attention to detail and careful consideration, but given that it’s moving so fast at this point we don’t get that long to do it! Cue mental stress if we don’t discern well in which areas of our lives we want to use these energies and which can be left on the back burner awaiting a different vibration. We need to choose carefully otherwise we may get bogged down in too much unnecessary detail everywhere, which is never good! The best thing to remember is this: if the detail feels burdensome and stultifying then we may be barking up the wrong tree. But if it serves to bring either greater clarity to an issue that previously felt confused, or brings to a close an issue that’s been dragging on, we’re applying these energies well and putting them to the best use possible in the short amount of time we have them to hand.

Sarah Varcas

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