lunar eclipse October 2014

11th – 14th March 2015: Mars and Uranus revisit the degree of October 2014’s lunar eclipse

by Sarah 11 March 2015

  Image “Wheel on Fire” by Gary Rosenberg   Cosmic Alignment By Sarah Varcas   At the recent Full Moon Venus revisited the degree of last October’s lunar eclipse, requiring a profound act of faith in which we allow life itself to guide our forward steps. In the coming days Mars and then Uranus cross the […]

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30th/31st October 2014: Waxing Quarter Moon in Aquarius

by Sarah 29 October 2014

  Image: “Another Realm’s Moon” by Gary Rosenberg   Lessons in Bridge Building by Sarah Varcas   The quarter moon occurs at 2:49 am GMT on 31st October as the eclipse season comes to a close. A waxing Moon is heading to full, building in strength, coming into form, and the waxing quarter Moon is […]

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9th – 13th October 2014

by Sarah 8 October 2014

      Living the Post-Ecliptic Life by Sarah Varcas   As we find ourselves in the wake of the eclipse we may be wondering what hit us or, alternatively, what hit everyone else! As mentioned previously, the impact of this eclipse will take several months to unfold, but in the immediate term we may […]

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October 2014 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 30 September 2014

      Patient Compassion   and   Compassionate Patience by Sarah Varcas   We begin October with Uranus and Chiron highlighting the need to find new ways to both accommodate and heal woundedness at the personal and collective levels. They have been working together on this issue since June, simultaneously exposing where we are […]

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