30th/31st October 2014: Waxing Quarter Moon in Aquarius

by Sarah on 29/10/2014


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Image: “Another Realm’s Moon” by Gary Rosenberg


Lessons in Bridge Building


Sarah Varcas

The quarter moon occurs at 2:49 am GMT on 31st October as the eclipse season comes to a close. A waxing Moon is heading to full, building in strength, coming into form, and the waxing quarter Moon is a time to manifest the fruits of recent insight, inspiration and ideas. At this point we can take effective action to build on the foundations of the recent New Moon which, on this occasion, was also a solar eclipse. To complete the eclipse season with a quarter moon gives us something of a lift if we are feeling disheartened by the apparent tasks ahead.

When in Aquarius, the Moon wants to understand above all else. Emotions are a distraction to an Aquarian Moon. They muddy the water and complicate what may already be a sticky situation! This Moon uses the mind to penetrate, enquire and understand, to expand one’s horizons and look at life in new and innovative ways. Emotions are for another day! Which is not to say we will or should be devoid of them now. Far from it! But if we need to take action and make our mark on the world, best do so from a place of mental clarity rather than emotional imperative. Actions carried out at this time have great power for they are initiatory: they concretise commitments previously made and move us forward into the next stage of our journey. Quarter moons are often overlooked in the general scheme of things but they can be extremely influential when it comes to our creations and how they impact upon the world, be they material or otherwise. A relationship, for example, is as much a creation as a work of art or a job well done, and whatever we take action to affirm at this point is imbued with the energy of cosmic potential as the heavens head towards the next Full Moon.

Venus contributes her own special vibration to this quarter moon, reminding us that sometimes we just need to decide to enjoy life a bit more! To allow it to embrace rather than scratch at us, to focus on the pleasurable moments as fervently as we do the challenging ones. When the Moon is in Aquarius we must be conscious of where we place our attention and why. The mind has great power, and even more so at this time, so we must use it with awareness and integrity, not simply to affirm our already constructed opinion of life and the world around us but to see things through fresh eyes and think new thoughts about the future. If we have been challenged this month to step up to the plate and commit to long-held but not acted upon hopes and dreams, now is the time to take action no matter how unlikely the prospect of success may appear! Eclipses change many things, not least future potential, and if we refuse to broaden our own mind as to what the future may hold, we clip their wings and prevent them from working their magic on and through us.

The lunar eclipse back on 8th October bears fruit in March 2015 when we encounter the next solar eclipse, this time in the very final degree of the zodiac. These are powerful indicators of completion of the old and new beginnings, and the current quarter moon encourages us to set into motion the actions and commitments necessary to fulfil the potential of March next year. Whatever has been awakened in us this month, be it inspiration for a new direction, old feelings we would rather remain quiet or a whispered suggestion only half formed that maybe, just maybe, our life could be different if we really wanted it to be, this Moon encourages us to enjoy the process of exploring future possibilities and recognise the power inherent in acting with clarity and commitment wherever we find ourselves now.

So let’s use this Moon to imagine the future, not from an emotional desire to escape the present but from a place of clarity which can analyse what’s needed and identify the steps required to reach our desired destination. The mind is a powerful ally now and understanding what’s required is key to the most productive and efficient plans. It’s time to mix some good old fashioned logic with the inspiration necessary to see a different, more fulfilling future, then start to build a bridge from here to there.

Sarah Varcas

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