11th – 14th March 2015: Mars and Uranus revisit the degree of October 2014’s lunar eclipse

by Sarah on 11/03/2015


Cosmic Alignment


Sarah Varcas

At the recent Full Moon Venus revisited the degree of last October’s lunar eclipse, requiring a profound act of faith in which we allow life itself to guide our forward steps. In the coming days Mars and then Uranus cross the same degree, bringing their more strident energy to the question of how we journey through life, whether by the power of our own will or that of the divine fulfilled through us. Mars and Uranus form a conjunction during this time, a moment when they occupy the same degree of the zodiac, thereby merging to create a burst of unique and creative energy, birthing and fortifying spiritual warriors everywhere. This combination of factors alerts us to the presence of commanding influences at our disposal even as we are subject to their will, like it or not!

It is vital we acknowledge the paradox of being both subject and master of cosmic forces if we are to maintain a positive relationship with them. It can be all too easy to roll one’s eyes and groan when yet another planetary alignment reflects challenge and change when we’d much prefer at least a short break from all that, thank you very much! But in doing so we are handing over our authority to the universe and making ourselves a victim rather than embracing the authority of the universe which is as much ours as anyone or anything else’s, thereby claiming the role of spiritual warrior. The life of the spirit is one in which we are engulfed by the presence of the sacred at every level of our being. The very energy which maintains the planets in their orbits, which burst into life aeons ago and continues to amplify even now, orders our life and shapes our return to wholeness. When we look to the planets for guidance we are simply testing the ‘temperature’ of that energy, finding out how hot or cool it is, so that we can act with aligned, not opposing, intent. Looked at this way our task is incredibly simple: just do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.

Of course, it isn’t that simple in practice! If the cosmic temperature is icy cold and we were hoping for a heat wave we will experience frustration and disappointment. Life will not pan out as we wish until we shift our orientation to accommodate a different temperature. At that point we bring ourselves into alignment with cosmic forces which are then at our disposal to create all manner of intricate ice sculptures and further our study of cryogenics! If, however, we continue to demand a heatwave, heading down to the beach and anticipating a nice sun-kissed rosy glow by the day’s end, we will end up so out of synch with the cosmos that we might as well be in a different galaxy!

Once we step into alignment with the heavens we are free to call upon their power, no matter how insignificant we may feel. If we let go when exhorted to do so and step back when the heavens suggest restraint. If we make bold moves while the cosmos is aflame with resolve and retreat into silence when it sleeps. Then we are affirming ourselves as a spark of the divine flame, the original source of being; the first and the last, forever before us, forever after and forever within. Thus we can live the cosmic dance which takes place all around us, claiming our place in the creation of the universe in every moment. This is what makes a spiritual warrior, for to live in this way we must be prepared to stand firm and lay claim to the truth no matter who or what seeks to deny it. We must have the courage to live life as a vital, urgent process requiring constant recalibration as we take the surrounding temperature and adjust ourselves accordingly. Not because we are victim of the cosmos, but because we are part of it, and to do anything but live in alignment with it is as crazy as expecting water to flow uphill or the Sun to rise in the west.

This celestial lesson comes to us now with a divine seal of approval. Mars and Uranus are stirring things up, alerting us to where we have overlooked our own power, our own sovereignty. They remind us of a chance offered to embrace it last October. We may have missed it, preferring the familiar limitations of cosy assumptions to the challenges of a new perspective which honours the truth no matter how inconvenient it may be. It is often tempting to cast such inconvenient truths as problematic, unfair, unnecessarily harsh when we are already up against it! But in fact they simply arise because it is their time. We are invited to take the temperature as they do so and adjust our own to match.

Mars and Uranus can get pretty hot and we may feel the temperature rise in the coming days. This mounting pressure and sense of urgency holds a message for us, a powerful reminder of the rulership we have over our own lives: not to demand that everything shape itself to our liking, but to shape ourselves to the liking of the cosmos, thereby placing the most powerful source of creative energy at our disposal. It is time to align ourselves with the planets and stars, the cosmos and eternal space. To do anything else is playing too small in a world of infinite possibilities. Mars and Uranus, two cosmic heavyweights, want to lend their power to our spiritual arsenal now. To accept their offer will take courage for who knows what they have in store?! But to refuse it makes no sense for their intensity is unavoidable and we cannot escape their advance into the deeper recesses of our lives. No matter how many opportunities we may have missed to align ourselves before, right now we have another and its significance reverberates throughout the cosmos.

On 13th March a new eclipse season begins and a fresh cycle of adjustment with it. Right now we can complete the previous one in a blaze of glory, one and the same with the cosmos, burning bright at the centre of our lives sovereign and whole. We can stand firm in truth revealed, sustained by the courage of Mars and the originality of Uranus which, together, create all things anew.

Sarah Varcas

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