8th July 2014: Grand Trine in Water

by Sarah on 06/07/2014


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Healing on Tap!


Sarah Varcas


We are now graced with a Grand Trine in Water formed by the Sun in Cancer, Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. It will be around until 11th/12th July so we have a few days to embrace and work with its energy. Given the message yesterday, reminding us to never give up and the value of going through the intensity now for the pay off of peace and freedom sooner rather than later, this Grand Trine brings us healing energy to tap into if we choose. Grand Trines in Water are always interesting, for whilst they offer much healing at an emotional level they can do so by poking at our vulnerabilities and wounds in order to bring to the surface emotions in need of healing. As such they have both a challenging and a deeply life-affirming action in our lives.

We may find ourselves feeling very sensitive and/or emotional. Overwhelm may be more readily experienced. Perhaps we want to hide ourselves away in an attempt to put ourselves back together again. At the same time the pain of others may feel all the more acute for us, just as their joy will also be more infectious. A cosmic alliance such as this serves to remind us just how permeable boundaries can be when it comes to emotions. Like yawning in response to another’s yawn (or even in response to just reading this!) when a Grand Trine in Water is around we can become like a string instrument, vibrating along with the energies around  us whether we like it or not.

There is, however, a certain beauty in all this. Once we can accept that boundaries between ourselves and others are particularly porous at this time we can begin to recognise the state of oneness which exists at the heart of life itself. The air from my lungs flowing through yours, your thoughts in my mind, my feelings shared by a passer-by who I never even connected with in the ‘real’ world. Emotions are energy and energy never dies, it just changes and moves on. As emotions move through us they also move out of us and into the environment, contributing to the collective pool of feeling, resonance and reaction from which we all draw on a daily basis. This Grand Trine arises now to guide us to a deeper appreciation of what this really means for our lives, both personal and global. It exhorts us to a deeper taking of responsibility which acknowledges that what we do in the privacy of our own lives matters on a global scale. It isn’t true that ‘behind closed doors’ doesn’t impact the collective because it does. If we cannot maintain the integrity of ourselves, our emotional and psychological lives, our spirituality, when in private, no amount of public displays of compassion, peace, wisdom or mysticism will balance the effects of the disconnect between who we are externally and behind closed doors.

The spiritual path, when lived fully, is not about being ‘spiritual’ but being real. Real IS spiritual! It’s the deepest and most authentic expression of spirit: honesty, openness, a willingness to allow even the bits of ourselves we most dislike and struggle with, air-time. Being spiritual means being who we are, warts, faults and all, and allowing others to be who they are too. This doesn’t mean we just indulge our vices and behave in ways that perpetuate harm. No. Because we can be who we are with integrity, finding that balance between acceptance and indulgence, between ego and spirit. Recognising that acknowledgement is the first step to healing and we cannot transform what we refuse to see.

I remember listening to an evangelical preacher once, who spoke of the value of having a ‘confessing friend’: Someone with whom you can share all the bits you just don’t want to have to deal with or even own up to, not as an act of humiliation or self-punishment, but as one of honesty and integrity. This friend, for their part, meets your revelations with a compassionate heart which knows that’s not all you are and acknowledges the courage inherent in owning up in the first place! If only everyone on the planet had one of those! Someone to whom we could each turn and reveal our deepest shame, our darkest fear, our most painful memory. For if we can do that, through the very act of sharing, its hold over us – its influence in our life – is weakened. Like finally taking a breath having held it for so long, we create space for something fresh and new to come in: a new perspective, an empathic response, an understanding smile, even someone who laughs at our biggest revelation and informs us they’ve done that and worse. All of these can break the hold of a lifetime of shame and fear.

So what’s all that got to do with this Grand Trine in Water? Well… everything! Because it brings us an opportunity to face up to feelings, thoughts and behaviours which we’ve pushed away up to now. Remember what I said yesterday: this is a karmic time and we are dealing with our past in order to release our future. And in doing so it reminds us that we are not isolated individuals living in our own little bubbles. We’re actually part of the whole and contribute to it with every breath. The greater our integrity and authenticity, the more we can accept within ourselves what seems so hard to own; the more we are adding to the collective energy field the resonance of wisdom, acceptance, compassion and honesty. This week provides opportunities to both offer up all of those qualities and support others in doing the same.

Sarah Varcas

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