practical mysticism

1st September 2016: Solar Eclipse in 10th degree of Virgo at 9:04 a.m. UT

by Sarah 30 August 2016

      From Darkness Into Light By Sarah Varcas   This solar eclipse highlights the adventure of living in the material world whilst embracing the unseen realms of energy and essence. This is the path of the everyday mystic who lives in communion with the divine whilst scrubbing the floor and fingernails, paying bills, […]

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26th October to 4th December 2014: Mars in Capricorn

by Sarah 22 October 2014

      On Being a Practical Mystic by Sarah Varcas   As Mars travels through Capricorn we can realise some of our more practical goals. Forthright and pragmatic, committed and unswerving, Mars in Capricorn demands that we ‘just get on with stuff and stop pussy-footing around it!’.For those preparing for any of the various […]

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