25th October 2014: Mercury Stations Direct in Libra

by Sarah on 22/10/2014


Mercury stations direct in Libra, infinity, material world, managing the mind, wisdom & perspective
Image: “Soul Mirror” by Gary Rosenberg


We Are Star People


Sarah Varcas

Having recently passed the North Node in Libra, Mercury grinds to a halt and performs an about-turn at 7:11 pm on 25th October, preparing to head back from whence it came. It does so in the 17th degree which reflects the process of overcoming troubles and difficulties through the application of wisdom and detachment. This is an insightful Mercury, which encourages us to step out of the drama of our lives and see it all for what it actually is: fleeting thought forms, feelings, opinions, conditions and circumstances. No matter how intense they may be at the time, for good or ill, every moment in life passes us by to make room for the next and then the next. Embracing this profound truth at the core of our being changes everything, for it enables us to view our own existence through the eyes of infinity. It is as if we can see all things throughout time and space, arising and ceasing, just as this moment does and then the next. Whilst the present always feels so much more solid and real than anything else, it is temporary and fleeting, as are we and everyone in our lives, when viewed from the perspective of eternity.

Mercury is not known for its profound thoughts, preferring to skip across the surface of life rather than dive in and dig deep. But sometimes it stops for a bit, looks deeper and questions beyond the mind into the heart and soul. This is one of those moments, as it aligns itself not only with you and me as the individuals we know ourselves to be, but also with you and me the infinite timeless beings, constellations of energy and matter born of the universe and birthed through time and space in many dimensions. As Mercury takes a pause now it invites us to do the same and look around, to remember we are all born of stardust, energised by the primal spark which exploded life into being. No matter how heavy or complex life on earth feels, we resonate with elsewhere, light years away, from whence particles once came to form us. Embodied here we may be, but we can also be in flight through the stars when we recognise that no matter can truly contain us.

Moments like these, when the heavens align to reveal the bigger picture, can come as a comfort or a disappointment. If we sense the enormity of the message, the vastness of our being, it is certainly true that the petty details of our lives can begin to pale in comparison. But if we are simply left disillusioned by the pettiness that we see all around us and bereft of the true home glimpsed from afar, life can feel all the more stark. Balance is needed, for we must continue to live this physical life in the material realm even as we explore our origins from afar and strive for ever greater intimacy with our own vast spirit. The deepest challenge of human life is to find this balance, to live everyday life like it matters whilst knowing in our heart of hearts that it is woven from illusion: that matter is energy, thoughts unreal and emotions fleeting blips on the surface of a consciousness so vast our tiny minds could never comprehend.

This paradox of living a human life in this endless universe is brought to our attention now, not to confound or confuse, but to put everything that has occurred in recent weeks into perspective. To remind us of our true self, our forever home, and reassure us that no matter what’s going on today, infinity awaits with gifts and blessings which could take our breath away. The challenge now is not to step out of our lives to touch this truth but to bring this knowing into our every day, living as infinite beings in physical bodies, discovering how it all works here on the material plane whilst knowing that we live not only here but throughout time and space and can call upon our starry self anytime we need, to give us a taste of home.

Sarah Varcas

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