25th September 2015 – 18th March 2016: Pluto Direct in Capricorn

by Sarah on 22/09/2015


 Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury in Libra, Black Moon Lilith, knowing the mind, deep truth, facing fear, embracing change


A Mind Made New


Sarah Varcas

Pluto has been retrograde in Capricorn since mid April, encouraging a more grounded approach to life in which drama and stress are no longer prerequisites for change. In doing so it has revealed the ever-present potential for transformation no matter how mundane the moment may appear. Its new phase builds upon this shift in orientation, potentising new perspectives and demonstrating just how much a change of mind can change the world.

Forming a square to Mercury and Black Moon Lilith as it shifts direction, Pluto exhorts us to take our thoughts in hand and cultivate better ones! We are no longer afforded the luxury of idle fantasy or escapism. The mind is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal but, as Mars in Virgo  reminds us, it becomes a grave liability if we let it. Even achievement of a most treasured goal can disappoint if we allow thoughts of ‘so what now?’ to spoil the moment. Mobilised to strive ever onward, the mind can impair appreciation of the present or facilitate positive progress, depending on the level of awareness we bring to its domain.

On its journey through Capricorn, Pluto sets out to transform our world in fundamental ways. It disrupts the political, economic, social and religious discourses of our time, laying bare the skeleton of society and demanding that we ask tough questions about where we want it all to go from here. We cannot answer in any meaningful way without knowing intimately the nature of the mind and how it shapes our perspective. If we allow it to behave like the proverbial caged hamster on a wheel, regurgitating the same old stories, grievances and expectations, adding nothing new into our stream of consciousness, we’re using only a tiny part of what is a deeply creative aspect of our being. If, however, we pay attention and choose to stop, disrupt mental habits, take a step sideways and find a novel way to view the situation, fresh thoughts can arise, new beliefs form and old perspectives give way to innovative ones.

Pluto leaves us in no doubt now. It wants our minds renewed and revitalised, alert to previously unseen potential not constrained by familiar knots of fear, angst, boredom or certainty. It will use the coming months to make abundantly clear that we are responsible for our personal perspective and must hone it with clarity and intent, not allow it to be moulded by reactive thoughts and feelings born of unconscious habit.

Pluto reminds us nothing is really as it seems, least of all ourselves! Life lived in light of this fact changes the world within and without. No matter who we are or what we make of our lives, if we believe our thoughts without question something needs to change. The beauty of a fresh perspective is calling, veils are dropping and blinkers dissolving. In exposing darkened mental corners to the light of its presence, Pluto turns the familiar life into profound mystery and acquaints us with the riches of a mind made new.

Sarah Varcas

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