24th/25th September – 12th/13th November 2015: Mars in Virgo

by Sarah on 22/09/2015


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Discerning the Details


Sarah Varcas

As Mars enters Virgo its energy becomes laser-like. Relinquishing the bluster of Leo’s unyielding self-assurance, it becomes more careful, attending to details previously overlooked and honouring the beauty of each minuscule part rather than the magnificence of the whole. Neither way is better than the other, just different in orientation. Both are necessary for lasting results that stand the test of time. In Virgo, Mars sorts through the details and gets foundations in order for the long haul. Joining Jupiter in this industrious sign it reminds us that effort is key to outcome and humility may be the missing piece that enables us to beaver away in the shadows rather than seek the premature limelight that will serve only to illuminate our flaws.

If the current eclipse season has triggered new projects and ideas, it may be worth drawing up a seven-week plan of action for Mars’s journey through Virgo. Which isn’t to say everything has to be done in seven weeks! Only that the coming ones are particularly good for laying groundwork and getting straight facts that will assist us in the longer term. If there’s research to be done, information to be gathered and evaluated, now’s a good time to do it. Likewise if you simply need to shut yourself away to get plans in order, Mars helps out. This is not a time for dramatic displays of what we can achieve or how fabulous we are, but for careful, quiet activity which, piece by piece, sets us up for future success.

But there are words of caution to be shared. This fiery planet in an earthy sign can find itself frustrated and hemmed in, wanting to achieve more than its environment allows. In Virgo this can become nit-picking impatience that turns upon others finding fault with all they do. No one’s perfect, especially not us, and it’s worth remembering that during the coming weeks! Sometimes we simply have to be patient, and at times patient doing nothing. This Mars may have a problem with that, seeing time spent inactive as time wasted, filling it with whatever it can find, be it unnecessary criticism, obsession with irrelevant minutiae or just general fault-finding that makes for a miserable and irritated state of mind. Laser-like insight is great when details need hammering out, less so when we turn the laser on ourselves or others who are, by the very virtue of being human, also flawed. Use Mars’s power to clarify action and intent and we’ll all benefit. Use it to identify where we’re all lacking and… well… who really gains from that?!

On its journey through Virgo, Mars teams up with Jupiter mid October, finally crossing paths with the North Node mid November. This team effort reminds us nothing happens in a vacuum and we must be able to occupy many different positions and approaches to make our best contribution. Where once we wanted to stand up and be seen we may now fulfil a background role. Where once we thought we were on the brink of success we may now recognise there’s more to be done, skills to be honed and allies to be found. The path to fulfilment is far from straight and what was previously perceived as in reach may now appear as a fantasy born of over-confidence or denial.

Mars in Virgo sets all things straight, recalibrating our goals and aspirations, highlighting the work needed, the relevant facts and the step by tiny step approach necessary for lasting results. As Mars traverses Virgo we must know the difference between discernment and criticism, wise reflection and unnecessary obsession. The former enables progress, the latter stifles it in a haze of bad feeling and defensiveness. This Mars can go either way. As always, it’s up to us to put it to the best possible use!

Sarah Varcas

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