16th April – 25th September 2015: Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

by Sarah on 15/04/2015


Uranus/Pluto square, Pluto retrograde, Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Taurus, patience, commitment, managing the mind, coping with emotions

Image: “Wondering If his Dreams Have Wings” by Gary Rosenberg


Finding Our Own Fuel


Sarah Varcas

Pluto turns retrograde in the 16th degree of Capricorn, heralding the final farewell in its lengthy collaboration with Uranus since 2012. Lives shaken up by their square begin to settle and the dust begins to clear. It sounds like a good thing, of course, and essentially this separation of two such powerful planetary forces allows for a less traumatic path ahead. However, when we have lived for so long with the pressure of deep change what is left in its wake can feel like stagnation for a while, until we recalibrate ourselves to a new vibration.

It seems odd to lament the passing of so much trouble! If I’d received a pound for every time someone said to me since June 2012 they ‘can’t wait ‘til this Uranus/Pluto square is over’ I could retire immediately! It seems we’ve all been waiting for the pressure to ease and the path ahead to clear. Life has been incredibly hard for so many people it is little wonder we have felt this way. But despite the struggles and challenges, somehow we have also felt alive, more alive, than before. Everything has been shaken loose. Cosy pockets of familiarity have been turned out to reveal denial and avoidance; long ignored aspects of the self have risen up in all their glory to be seen and heard; changes too long in their approach have suddenly come upon us demanding they be fulfilled. It has been tough, traumatic and challenging, but also liberating, invigorating and exciting. For all the pain there has also been freedom like we have never known and courage enough to face another day each time we believed we couldn’t go on. The Uranus/Pluto square has been epic for so many, and now, gradually, without fanfare, it slips away into history.

You would think we should all heave a sigh of relief, but it probably doesn’t feel that way. Instead, as Pluto stations retrograde we may be left dangling, facing a vacuum we are eager to fill and yet have no clue with what. When first unplugged from a cosmic circuit in this way it takes time to reorient ourselves and settle into the new energy. Whilst we may have cursed change and challenge, in fact they fuelled our journey onward in the past few years and now we feel a slowing down just when we assumed progress would continue unabated. It can be disheartening. We may even feel cheated in some way, as if all our hard work and commitment to deep change has come to nought. We may find ourselves wondering if we got it wrong, made the wrong choice, pursued the wrong path after all. We may feel lost and confused. This is not what we envisaged all those times we wished for the struggles to be over!

The overriding message from the cosmos now is not to worry, truly. All is as it should be, even the restlessness, confusion and sense of stagnation. Pluto needs to wave farewell to Uranus and get on its way so that we can begin to feel the shift deep in our bones which alerts us to the new. Until then we can relax, take stock and allow the heavens to do what they must. As much as we bemoan intensity and stress, as human beings we are frequently driven by it. When it begins to lift, our fantasy that forward momentum continues unabated is often disproved by experience. Instead we find ourselves lost and somewhat shapeless, not quite knowing which way to face or where to focus our attention. We have choice now, rather than imperative. We could do this or that, ignore this or avoid that. The in-your-face ‘deal with this now or else!’ demand has gone. We have to find our motivation from within to pursue the path ahead. Nothing and no one will do it for us.

Until 26th April Mars in Taurus trines Pluto, affirming that patience is the order of the day and motivation must be nurtured within not sought without. If high drama has spurred us on in recent years, now is the time for a quieter and more reflective fuel, drawn from an intuitive and faithful place that knows no matter how things seem on the surface, change continues in every single moment. As we enter more deeply into this new phase we must each find our own way to stay focused and motivated. Pluto’s about-turn is just the beginning of discovering what this means and how we must do it. It is one thing responding to challenge, quite another committing to the path ahead when we can just as easily neglect it. Both require character, but of a different kind.

Pluto forever challenges us to greater authenticity, but how it does so changes as we do. In the coming months we may have to find motivation where we’ve not found it before, while the world around us says it’s really up to us whether we bother or not. The more deeply grounded we can be in the knowledge that what we do matters regardless of fanfare or acclaim, high drama or excitement, the easier it will become to simply do what is necessary, take pleasure in our choices and sleep soundly at the end of every day well lived.

Sarah Varcas

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