24th December 2015 – 4th March 2016: Jupiter Conjunct the North Node in Virgo

by Sarah on 22/12/2015


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Deep Seeing and Awakened Change


Sarah Varcas

When Jupiter in Virgo conjuncts the North Node we find ourselves at a profoundly influential time in our personal and collective journey. At an individual level we have access to expansive energies that can help us see beyond current circumstances to the deep peace and well-being that dwells at our core. It’s easy to miss its presence as our attention is occupied first here and then there by life’s many demands. But in the coming months we’re invited to connect as often as possible with the ever-present divine which forever calls us home. Traditionally seen as a sign of good fortune, in fact a conjunction between Jupiter and the North Node is a time of wisdom which, when embraced, unleashes otherwise dormant forces into our lives, capable of facilitating significant change.

Mother Earth is knocking hard upon our door, demanding to know why we’ve shut her out. This conjunction offers a significant window of hope, infusing initiatives that support her with the rejuvenating power of the god/dess force that birthed the world as we know it, and many beyond. Whatever we do now will be magnified exponentially. Every effort and commitment energised. So we’d best choose well! For whilst this is good news for positive endeavours, if we allow ourselves to fall into negativity, fear or anxiety we will find they, too, become hyper-energised, taking on a life of their own. Consciousness is key: remaining aware of where our mind and heart are occupied and with what. It’s okay to feel that up-rush of anxiety when taken unawares by unexpected events, or disappointment when things don’t go our way. That’s life! The human psyche creates emotional responses to stimuli all the time. The issue is the level of awareness we bring to these feelings and emotions. Do we wallow in them, feeding them with our energy and attention, squeezing every last drop of ‘woe is me’ misery out of them? Or do we watch with detached interest, noticing, ‘Oh look! Anxiety again! What triggered that? What’s it saying to me? Anything there worth taking note of, and if not, what can I do to release it?’.

This kind of detached but benevolent attention to our feelings fosters a benign state of awareness which enables us to spot what’s happening as it happens. Thus we can make conscious choices about what we do with our minds and hearts. We’re not the victim of our emotions but the artist who paints them upon the canvas of our lives. Just because we have a palette of red anger today doesn’t mean we must render everything scarlet. We could choose, instead, to introduce some soothing blues, or add some joyful yellow to produce more up-beat orange. All too easily we respond to our feelings as if they leave us no choice. But it is we who remove choice, not our emotions. They simply do what they do: passing on through, painting our attitude and perspective as they go.

Understanding this process and applying it to our everyday lives will bear fruit now. Our dear Mother Earth needs us to exercise the freedom to choose our mental and emotional state wisely. For only by doing so can we truly care for and protect her, no longer needing to exploit or exhaust her to satisfy a collective need for security and power. Regardless of what our egoic mind may tell us, life is not a competition in which there can only be a few winners, it’s a collective effort, an organism formed of every living thing, every cell that contributes to life upon this planet. When we recognise this fact and live accordingly the fear of ‘not enough’ becomes the appreciation of ‘more than enough’ that is the bounty of this breathtaking planet.

People in touch with their sacred heart and the deepest movement of their soul no longer need to exploit or oppress. They know their worth as part of the whole, value their role as protector and provider, lover, mother, father and child. They resonate with pain and rejoice with triumphant hope, knowing that united they have everything needed to thrive. They know that to demand more than our Mother wants to give is to drain themselves of dignity; to exploit her many creatures is to betray their own humanity. This conjunction between Jupiter and the North Node invites us all into this place of deep-seeing which fosters wisely compassionate action and furthers the progress of awakened change.

Sarah Varcas

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