23rd – 29th December 2015: Intense Waves of Planetary Energy Too Numerous to Mention!!

by Sarah on 22/12/2015


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Searching for the Real


Sarah Varcas

Yes, it’s quite an end to the year! In these final few days the heavens are incredibly active, shifting first this way then that, applying pressure here, easing it there, referencing the past and hinting at the future. All in all it may be tough to stay present with all this energy around us! Impulses may be strong and whilst intuition will also be heightened, it’s important we discern one from the other and give ourselves space before making quick, but ill thought through, decisions that may be hard to undo.

This kind of energy is not a ‘bad’ thing, even though it needs some careful handling. In effect we’re being recharged ready for the new year. A sort of cosmic ‘deep clean’ that gets to the parts other washes don’t reach! It may feel a bit dicey for a while, with so much being thrown up all at once. But essentially we are fine and simply in the midst of a cleansing wave that may at first leave us gasping for breath but will prove, after that, to have been well worth the drenching!

Themes are many at this time and we will know which touch us most deeply. We may be full of bluster, certain we are on the edge of a great breakthrough, only to suddenly realise we’re missing vital pieces of the puzzle we thought we had solved. This realisation, whilst it will be deflating, is in fact the beginning of true success as we become aware of precisely what needs to be done to fill gaps born of over-zealous confidence where a more humble approach is called for. Essential to this process is the reminder that outcomes reflect input. We are not owed rewards by the world but instead create them ourselves by the power of our own dedication to the cause, whatever that cause may be. If we continue to seek the fruits of awakening in terms of an ‘easy’ life we may particularly encounter disappointment at this time, for awakening is not easy. It challenges all that we are and demands dedication to the relinquishment of all that we thought mattered. If we have simply replaced ‘worldly’ desires for more ‘spiritual’ ones we may feel the burn of these alignments as they reveal emptiness at the heart of our striving and demand humility to truly discover what life needs from us now.

The potential for insight abounds. No matter how much we may feel compelled to respond on impulse, even a few moments taken to stop, still our mind and reflect can enable us to grasp what previously eluded us. We have a chance, now, to perceive with great clarity how we fit into the larger whole and must take account of it in all that we do. How do our choices impact our environment, those we love and the greater picture of conscious evolution? How do the tiniest nuances of our behaviour impact our future and how others treat us in due course? As creative beings, what do we birth each day through our thoughts and feelings, responses, reactions and behaviours? There is deeply incisive wisdom available now if we will but stop a while to appreciate it. But making that decision to stop amidst the flurry of activity may be the greatest challenge as we tell ourselves there simply isn’t time, or a current opportunity is just too good to miss.

The dwarf planet Eris is of particular influence now. She holds us all to account in her efforts to ensure we are fully apprised of just how deep we must dig on this whole conscious evolution trip! It’s not for the faint hearted, nor is it all about us developing spiritual super-powers that mark us out from the crowd. Everyone has their part to play now, and the most ‘inconsequential’ role is as vital as the most prominent; the dullest moments as significant as the most inspired. All that matters now is our consciousness and how much of it we bring to every moment; to our hopes and dreams, desires, successes, failures, relationships and everyday life. Eris is gearing up to do whatever it takes to burst through the inflated egoic self to reveal the sacred one resplendent at our heart. But to do so she may have to offend and insult! Poke us where we are most sensitive and challenge our greatest pride. She reminds us that ego is a slippery fish, important for navigating the world but not nearly as important as it would have us believe! If we find ourselves now harbouring dreams of success that see us adored and acclaimed, Eris reminds us that the essence of awakening lies not in securing another’s gaze but in allowing the sacred to gaze upon the world through our eyes, empowering us to see it all anew.

The heavens challenge us now to relinquish all notions of self-importance to discover infinite and unwavering truth. This is not self-hatred or self-denial, but an affirmation of the vastness of the True Self, revealed when we stop defining it by limited human standards of identity and success. Eris wants this freedom for us and will do whatever it takes to impart it, no matter how unpopular it makes her! Traditionally known as the goddess of discord she’s rarely welcome on first arrival, but her revelations leave us renewed if we allow them to sink in, rather than resorting to resistance as first defence! With her ally Uranus turning direct on 26th December after five months retrograde, she prepares us for new freedoms in 2016, available to all who embrace being nothing if necessary, to discover they are, in fact, all.

The intense and unrelenting nature of the energy in the final days of December guards against complacency and reminds us there is much to be revealed in 2016. Deeper truths will rise like the sun, as old ways of seeing disappear below the horizon allowing for the birth of fresh potential. To be part of all and any of that we need to be free of delusion and alert to the tricks the mind can play upon us when searching for the Real. Eris and Uranus combine in 2016 to blow away the most stubborn cobwebs in that respect. But right now they advise that what we believe about awakening may be the very thing that holds us back from the blessings of their freedom in the months to come.

Sarah Varcas

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