18th July to 12th August 2014: Venus in Cancer

by Sarah on 11/07/2014


 Cup of Love


 The Blessings of Self-Care


Sarah Varcas

Today Venus enters Cancer at 2:07 pm GMT, where she remains until 12th August. With everything else going on this week, this comes as a gentle shift which offers some peace and comfort in the midst of powerful energies, because even positive energies can take their toll on our system and sometimes we just need to withdraw and regroup before moving forward again…

Happily, Venus in Cancer offers us that very opportunity. She is downtime with friends; a quiet evening in watching a favourite film with a bottle of wine; a peaceful walk on the beach or a stroll around your favourite shop. She is the beauty and subtlety of emotions evoked by a sunset, bird song or the sound of a child breathing gently as they sleep. She is all of this and more, for when in Cancer, Venus says ‘meet me wherever you feel at home and take time to relax there’. We would all be wise to accept her invitation, even if only for a moment. In doing so we invite the universe to replenish our spirit, re-energise our mind and refresh our heart.

As she enters Cancer she connects up with Jupiter who’s just arrived in Leo, highlighting the importance of self-care. If we can’t look after ourselves well, we have an up-hill climb ahead and the fact is, many of us struggle to place our own requirement for time out, down time and ‘r & r’ above all the other things which demand our energy and attention. Burn-out is rife in our day and age, and Venus’s journey through Cancer provides us an opportunity to do a self-care audit, balancing the books of energy expended and energy received. The more we can attend to this balance on a daily basis, adjusting it as necessary, the better we can manage the ups and downs of daily life and the ‘twists and turns of fate’!

An equally important part of this process is to support those around us in doing the same. In a world where so many push themselves to the limit and beyond, the expectation becomes that we will all do so. If increasing numbers of people commit to giving themselves and each other space to reflect, rest and rejuvenate, gradually this imbalance can begin to resolve. With the current pace of everyday life it takes commitment to take time out, but the heavens urge us to do so now and remind each other too!

As we do so, and the dust of a busy life begins to settle, we may discover why we have kept so busy all this time. The stillness of stopping can release thoughts and feelings we haven’t had to deal with in the whirl of a hectic life. We may find ourselves missing someone now absent, regretting past decisions or wondering how our life came to this when we had such different plans. In these moments it can be tempting to jump up again and do something else to distract our weary heart, but the cosmos bids us sit back down, relax. It’s okay to feel these things, to acknowledge regrets, to miss the presence of those who were once in our lives. For as we allow ourselves to do this we are actually coming back to life, reconnecting with parts of ourselves otherwise banished to the periphery. We are becoming whole and complete, born of all our experience: our loves and losses, hopes and fears. The energy expended on avoiding these things returns to us, available for more positive ventures once the sadness or regret has had its day.

Venus in Cancer: she is gentle and kind, beautiful and sensitive. She knows the pains of the world and offers solace, holding our hand as we experience them within, only to discover the peace and presence which lies beneath. She offers us the safety of coming home to ourselves and the company of good friends, kind hearts and compassionate souls to walk beside us. She is with us now and bids us relax, all is, indeed, well.

Sarah Varcas

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