15th November 2020: New Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah 10 November 2020

      Love Your Beautiful Chaos By Sarah Varcas   The moon is new in Scorpio at 5:08 a.m. UT in the 24th degree of Scorpio A new moon in Scorpio lures us into the depths of our being. This is a time to reflect on our deepest desires, our most compelling emotions, greatest […]

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8th / 9th July 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Aries

by Sarah 7 July 2015

  Image: “Contemplation” by Iraj Nouri   A ‘Me-Time’ Moon By Sarah Varcas   The quarter moon occurs at 8:25 p.m. GMT in the 17th degree of Aries. A waning quarter moon sits between the brightness of a full moon and the darkness of a new one. At this point we are in half shadow, […]

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3rd June – 14th September 2015: Ceres Retrograde

by Sarah 1 June 2015

      Parenting Ourselves By Sarah Varcas   Ceres is sometimes deemed an asteroid, at others a dwarf planet. Either way it is the largest object in the asteroid belt and, as such, is of unquestionable significance. Ceres speaks of how and where we seek nourishment. What we need to foster a healthy self-esteem, […]

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17th March – 11th April 2015: Venus in Taurus

by Sarah 17 March 2015

      Gently Down to Earth By Sarah Varcas   And…. reeeeeeeelax! Yes, I can’t believe I said that either, given everything else going on in the cosmos at the moment. This month is proving to be incredibly intense and that’s not going to change. But nonetheless, Venus has arrived home in Taurus and […]

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6th – 10th September 2014: Chiron opposing the Sun

by Sarah 4 September 2014

         Spiritual Toddlers by Sarah Varcas   Chiron is now opposing the Sun, preparing us for the Full Moon on 8th/9th September. This alliance reminds us we can be too exacting in our stance on life, demanding standards of ourselves and other people which are neither justified nor reasonable in light of the pressures […]

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18th July to 12th August 2014: Venus in Cancer

by Sarah 11 July 2014

       The Blessings of Self-Care by Sarah Varcas   Today Venus enters Cancer at 2:07 pm GMT, where she remains until 12th August. With everything else going on this week, this comes as a gentle shift which offers some peace and comfort in the midst of powerful energies, because even positive energies can […]

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