20th July 2014: Saturn Stations Direct in Scorpio

by Sarah on 17/07/2014


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The Blessings Of Forbearance



Sarah Varcas

Saturn stations direct at 7:57 pm GMT on 21st July, thus completing its retrograde passage begun at the start of March. In Scorpio many have felt its effects, making life heavy and the more challenging aspects of human nature particularly prevalent and hard to ignore! Saturn in Scorpio reminds us relentlessly of our imperfections and confirms that what is often referred to as the ‘shadow’ is still alive and well! That said its’ message is not ultimately a negative one, for it strengthens us to face all that we are and to recognise that when we struggle with external aspects of our life we are struggling primarily with our response to them, just as when we struggle within we often project that conflict outwards and meet aspects of it in the external world.

The human psyche is complex and getting to grips with its twists and turns can be a full time job, but as Saturn turns direct once more we are given an opportunity to reflect on the past few months and distill exactly what we’ve learned about ourselves, others and life itself. The insights afforded by Saturn have to be worked for. They don’t come in a flash of inspiration but instead in the midst of a slog or struggle. They are rewards for endurance and commitment to bearing-with and coming through, no matter what. But when those insights arise it makes it all worthwhile, because finally we ‘get’ what’s really going on and we come to see ourselves and our lives in a new and clearer light. Somehow, finally, we’ve stepped out of our own way and the natural laws which govern the processes, if not the content, of our lives become our allies and mentors, not the very things which trip us up and hold us back! We are back in flow. We have prevailed.

And prevailing is what this new cycle of Saturn is all about. As it turns direct and begins to move forward again it is heading, slowly but surely, towards its departure from Scorpio and its first entry into Sagittarius at the end of the year. This is the end- game of Saturn in Scorpio now, a time for us to gather together all that we have learned since October 2012 and distil its deepest wisdom ready for the next stage of our journey. It has been teaching us about the need to dig deep in order to endure the challenges of life; to accept rather than deny our less than attractive qualities (!); to own rather than project our difficult emotions; and, most important of all, to recognise that fear comes in many guises and the impulse to deny what we cannot accept is one of the most common ones! So if, in looking back on the past couple of years, we spot a theme of our refusing to engage with certain things, people or possibilities, Saturn now suggests that rather than acting rationally we may, in fact, have been responding to our own subconscious fear. Fear of what it would mean to acknowledge and even embrace certain unpalatable truths, realities or even people. Fear of what it would mean to accept we may have been wrong in the past or now. Fear of ridicule or rejection by those upon whom we rely for support and acceptance.

When in Scorpio, Saturn both enhances fear and demands that we face it, for only in doing so can we begin to realise its nebulous and ever-changing nature; its grip over us which can be dissolved in the clear light of awareness. Only in facing fear can we truly know that it is created inside of us and can be healed there too; that fear is often just another way that ego over-steps the mark and takes control of our psyche without a second thought. Saturn in Scorpio tells us WE need to be that second thought, acting as the arbiter of fear, knowing it for what it is, blessing it and gently but without compromise, sending it on its way, to be replaced with wisdom, fortitude, courage and faith.

Tomorrow Uranus stations retrograde to take us on a journey of inner liberation. It is for this that Saturn has been preparing us, for inner liberation is only possible when we know fear and can call it by name. So as Saturn stations direct today, we can ask ourselves where and why do we still bow down to fear and allow it to call the shots? In answering this question we are clarifying the terrain of the path ahead, which takes us both within and without, requiring that we walk it as free as possible from the shackles of fear .

Sarah Varcas

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