16th/17th July 2014: New Beginnings Abound

by Sarah on 11/07/2014


Breaking Out of my Shell by Gary RosenbergImage: 'Breaking Out of My Shell' by Gary Rosenberg


 Movement in the Right Direction


Sarah Varcas

Right now the heavens are completing cycles and beginning new ones. Every ending is a fresh start and all that! During 16th July GMT we see three significant occurrences which tell us things are moving onward: Mercury crosses the degree in which it turned retrograde back in June; soon after this Jupiter enters Leo; then Mars crosses the lunar eclipse degree of last April. This is a lot of activity in the space of just a few hours, so hold on to your hats!

As Mercury crosses its retrograde degree it enters fresh territory and we can finish up dealing with issues of the past few weeks and step out into new pastures. Space is now available to initiate new connections, engage with fresh ideas, even communicate in a novel way and see how that works for us! The emphasis is on trying something different in the area of communication, connection and travel, and, in the sign of Cancer, doing so in such a way that a sense of community and family is born as a result. So setting off alone may not be the best approach right now, but walking beside someone with whom we share a meaningful connection might. Remember what I mentioned about Mercury in Cancer earlier this week: this energy is about the more subtle and less explicit aspects of communication, so at this time paying attention to body language, the message behind the words, the atmosphere in a room, may offer up particularly useful and interesting information which we can use to build positive alliances with others.

Soon after this Mercurial shift, at 10:31 a.m. GMT, Jupiter leaves the sign of Cancer and enters Leo with a roar, whilst the Sun forms a T Square to the Moon’s Nodes. This all speaks of inspiration and an opportunity to move from the domain of old stale habits to fresh new ways of doing and being. It comes with a note of caution though: remember that a positive approach is good but hubris can be a problem. Remaining optimistic is important, but rendering ourself blind to obvious pitfalls in our plans can result in all manner of hassles further down the line!  Here we have an opportunity to develop balance and wisdom in the pursuit of our goals, not turning our back on the past and thereby discarding the good from it, anymore than refusing to engage with the notion of a new experience in the future.

Perhaps the best bit of advice at this time would be to reach for the best you can imagine whilst doing so with your feet on the ground and a mind engaged with the basic realities of life: that many things take time; that skills must be learned and developed, they can’t be ‘downloaded’ in their entirety; and whilst the limitations of human life dictate that we can’t do absolutely everything we want, we can embrace our real heart’s desires and see them through to fulfilment if we make the commitment to do so. In a world where quick is best – fast food, fast cars, everything you need to know at the press of a computer key – we can easily fall into the belief that taking time is a thing of the past! But that T square of the Sun to the nodes reminds us that time is good when it’s invested in laying foundations and developing the skills, knowledge and qualities needed to sustain the future we long for and make it our present reality.

Once Jupiter has shifted into Leo, Mars crosses the Libran lunar eclipse degree from 15th April. If we heeded the notice we received back then about changes needed, we should now find ourselves making progress in releasing past fetters which have held us back. If not, now’s the time to take action and commit to letting go, even if what we know we need to let go seems incredibly important to our future. At this time our assumptions about what really matters may well be off kilter and the cosmos is waking us up to a new order of importance and priority. We need to take note of this, even if it fills us with fear at first. Beyond that fear is liberation and we may have to walk through the fear and all it contains to reach it. But once we do we’ll look back and wonder what on earth we were so scared of! It was only us in there, all our insecurities and imagined disasters; all our terrors born of confusion seeded in childhood. None of it is real and all of it can be faced and dissolved when we stand firm and look it in the eye. And who better to do that with than Mars, who brings us courage and resolve to do what it takes and push through into a brighter future.

We may find sadness around too. Nostalgia, even. The process of release may require that we recognise past mistakes or dreams unfulfilled. Or humility may be required, to admit ‘yes, I was wrong’ and let go of the need to prove otherwise. These are influential times in terms of the form our individual and collective futures take, and influential times come with powerful emotions and sometimes extreme possibilities. But we should be getting a bit more used to extreme these days! The Uranus/Pluto square has been ramping up extremes for over two years now. Extreme is the new normal. What we believed could never be is the new ‘yeah.. that happens!’. Life, even in these past two years, has changed in previously unimaginable ways for so many and it’s not over yet!

So as these shifts occur today, they remind us that powerful forces work alongside us offering courage, perseverance, joy, fulfilment and progress. It is up to us to claim these gifts as our own, but once we do we will have powerful allies and more than enough fortitude to walk the path ahead.

Sarah Varcas

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