18th January – 3rd February 2016: Mercury Conjunct Pluto

by Sarah on 13/01/2016


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Image: “Dreamscape” by Gary Rosenberg


A Conduit for the Divine Mind


Sarah Varcas

This conjunction, exact on 31st January in the 17th degree of Capricorn, is made more significant as it occurs two days after Pluto enters this degree for the first time. As one of the outer most planets, Pluto moves very slowly. It lingers in each degree, moving backwards and forwards, leaving then returning, until we’ve had ample opportunity to incorporate its energy into our own. The 17th degree of Capricorn is one of freedom from inhibitions and controlling social mores. It raises issues of shame and rejection, scapegoating and the creation of the outcast who refuses to live by imposed rules that inhibit their sovereign freedom. Occurring at the same time as a conjunction between Mars and Juno, this alliance further emphasises the need to live both our individuality and our collectivity, in such a way that neither is diminished.

When Mercury and Pluto are conjunct words have great power and ideas become forces of significant change. Retrograde when the conjunction first begins, Mercury enables us to reflect on the mental structure of our inner world – the stories we tell ourselves about life, the beliefs we hold and the ideas in which we invest our energy – before stationing direct on 25th January, at which point we must be prepared to live the insights gained in the first few weeks of this year. The worst thing we could do at this point is ignore them! This passage of Mercury retrograde has brought significant challenges to many, and as it approaches an end we may be tempted to wipe our brow, gather our battle worn selves and resolve to put it all behind us and start the new year properly now all that nonsense is over and done with! Except all that nonsense was more important than we can even know at this point, and if we fail to process it fully and truly embrace recent discoveries, later this year we may regret not having done so.

Something is forming in the global brain right now. This is not an emotional process or a felt sense, but notions and ideas, visions of possibility and potential. We may be tempted to write them off as wishful or catastrophic thinking, depending on their content. In fact they are neither, for at present the collective mind, of which we each house a part, is being flooded with expanded awareness of possible futures and eventualities. We are both beacons and receivers, able to download information according to the frequency that we, ourselves, transmit. If we routinely view the world through a haze of anxiety and fear we may experience some alarming visions and notions about where humanity, and therefore ourselves, is heading this year. If we choose to occupy pragmatic hope we will perceive potential and possibility that can be grounded into reality, and if we live in a fantasy world of idealistic impossibilities we will find ourselves lost to the present moment and the creative potential it offers each one of us. Wherever we rest on this scale, our mind can currently be the receptacle for new insight and bold visions ripe for manifestation if we allow it.

Which is where the notion of liberation from social mores comes in, for we may now envision potentialities that go against the grain, challenge the status quo and demand enduring commitment to doing life in a very different way. If we find our security in identity and status we may feel under siege from a next step that challenges all we hold dear. If, however, we are willing to recognise such egoic trappings as no more than empty holograms of little substance, we may be on the verge of discovering just how substantial our relationship with the sacred realm can be when we get out of our own way and become a conduit for the divine mind.

Being this conduit is our task this year; releasing our small-minded, petty concerns to make space for something altogether greater, more expansive and innovative: the very ingredients of awakened change. Mercury and Pluto join forces to facilitate this process and support all who choose to be a part of it. It is time to nurture the vision, share it, be bold enough to manifest and live it, confident that in doing so the core essence of conscious evolution and awakened change is made manifest at the very heart of our lives.

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Sarah Varcas

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