16th / 17th January 2016: Waxing Quarter Moon in Aries

by Sarah on 13/01/2016


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Beyond Certainty


Sarah Varcas

The Quarter Moon occurs in the 27th degree of Aries at 11:27 p.m. on 16th UT. This fiery Moon comes with potential disguised as paradox. Here we meet the large in the small, success in failure and personal interest in collective gain. This Moon reminds us that a single perspective is usually a limited one and that what we believe about something may be just as equally true in its opposite. Only once we allow this possibility to exist can we draw from the well-spring of creativity available to each and every one of us.

The dualistic mind may have a problem with this Moon. Seeking black and white, right and wrong, me and you, them and us, it will find none of this and be left frustrated, searching for certainty amid a deluge of infinite possibilities. This can create anxiety as we look frantically around for a rock to cling on to, a belief, perspective or opinion to claim as our own: true for us and therefore true full stop; no longer open to question, challenge or debate.

Except question, challenge and debate are vital if we are to glean the benefits of this Moon. We need to relinquish certainty in favour of possibility, knowledge in favour of intuition, personal interest in favour of collective well-being. There may be a sense of sacrifice, but if so it simply means we’re focusing on the wrong thing: on what we’ve lost, not what we gain through the expansion of our outlook. This Moon wants us wider, higher, deeper; growing along with the universe to accommodate truths as yet unseen. She illuminates our need for unequivocal certainty and invites us to consider how it would feel to let it go, allowing life itself, in all its contradictory complexity, to shine through the trappings of ego which strives forever to maintain control.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the go-getter who forges ahead with not a thought for its own or anyone else’s safety. There is great courage in this approach, but it may have more confidence than is warranted at times, and lack the patience to allow things their natural timing. Aries seeks to conquer life’s quests and is happy to leave others to their own devices if they can’t keep up. But in seeking certain victory it may be blind to the more numinous and ephemeral nature of existence. It responds to duality by picking a side and running with it. This Moon wants it slowed down a bit, in tune with the mystery of its surroundings and their far from unequivocal truths.

No matter the issues we currently face, however profound or mundane they may be, this Moon reminds us we are not seeing the full picture; there is more to be known. Simply holding space for this possibility rather than calcifying into certainty or exploding into action without a second thought, allows life to reveal itself more deeply. Its revelations may surprise us, exposing the limitations of perspectives that seemed so very clear, even just a few days ago. Whilst such realisations may unsettle at first, the freedom they promise will be priceless, as we embrace a fuller appreciation of the power of paradox, the beauty of confusion and the liberation at hand when we’re simply prepared to no longer know….

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Sarah Varcas

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