20th January – 18th/19th February 2016: Sun in Aquarius

by Sarah on 19/01/2016


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Image: “The Star Aquarius” by Gary Rosenberg


Owning Our Power


Sarah Varcas

The sun’s journey through Aquarius marks a low-point on its travels around the zodiac. Opposing its home sign of Leo, it struggles to shine and may find itself eclipsed by other forces demanding attention. This is an ambivalent Sun, wanting to gleam and yet somehow not sure it should, at least not too brightly, for fear of eclipsing all those other suns out there deserving of the limelight! When in Aquarius, the sun challenges us to be sovereign in our own lives – prepared to call the shots, make decisions and accept the consequences of doing so. At the same time it demands recognition that everything we do and all that we are exists within a global community formed of all life on this planet and Mother Earth herself. Whilst this sun promotes individuality, it does so knowing that only by recognising the importance of this community can any individual truly be fulfilled.

The Sun is aligned with asteroid Pallas as it enters Aquarius. Pallas is the Greek goddess of wisdom and just warfare. Her incisive insight into human nature enabled truce to replace conflict and mediation to replace battle. Only when all else had failed would she condone war. In Capricorn and conjunct the Aquarian Sun she reminds us that even when we have done all the right things, we may still have to face tough choices, the consequences of which we must be prepared to live with. Doing the ‘right’ thing does not automatically mean an effortless life, but oftentimes a significantly challenging one! It can be far easier to make the popular, albeit unwise, decision than to stand firmly rooted in one’s morals and act with personal integrity.

But act with integrity we must, and increasingly so as we journey ever deeper through the shift of ages. The abdication of responsibility characteristic of the gradually fading Piscean Age, during which the notion of victim and saviour became an accepted norm, must now be replaced with the recognition that the ‘kingdom of god’ is within, not without or elsewhere in some other time and space. We live the sacred realm right here and now in every aspect of our lives, which affords our every word and deed great power. We are forever in the presence of the Divine, as it is forever within us, consecrating our every moment. This truth, illuminated ever more brightly as the sun journeys through Aquarius, forms a core foundation of the new age: everything matters, everyone has power, all life is sacred and deserving of respect, honour and protection. There is no hierarchy of importance or significance, but instead a sister/brotherhood of being; one organism born of countless ‘cells’, each dependent upon another for its own survival or demise.

We may instinctively shy away from these truths, preferring to avoid confrontation with our own inherent power born of the same force that exploded our universe into being. There is comfort in limitation, security in powerlessness, and we may be so familiar with it we quake at the notion that we can effect irrevocable change. And yet we use our influence every day, through the consumer choices we make, the lifestyle we adopt, the priorities we honour, the beliefs we live by. This Sun simply wants us to acknowledge our power and use it wisely, not be blinded by egoic desires or denied aspects of the self holding sway from the shadows. It’s not new, it reminds us. It’s always been there, bubbling within, no matter how out of touch with it we may have been. Everything we have ever thought, felt and done has channelled this power and we live with its consequences in every moment. The difference now is that we are waking up to our mighty presence and the responsibility it bestows.

As the sun journeys through Aquarius we are unavoidably confronted with the force that is ourselves. It is time to own that force; to claim it, use it wisely, acknowledge its impact and recognise the outcome of all we have been and done. The closer attention we pay to our inherent power the better we can use it, the more honed it becomes. And the easier it is to take responsibility for all we have created, good, bad and indifferent! The Sun’s journey through Aquarius invites us into this adventure, an invitation we refuse at our peril, for no matter how challenging it may be to see exactly what we are, it will be far more so to deny it now and have to wake up later!
Sarah Varcas

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