18th – 25th October 2014: Black Moon Lilith conjunct Jupiter in Leo

by Sarah on 15/10/2014


Black Moon Lilith, Jupiter in Leo, Black Moon Lilith conjunct Jupiter, personal power, egoic power, disempowerment
Image: “Ghost in the Machine” by Gary Rosenberg


Reclaiming Power


Sarah Varcas

In keeping with the current movement of Mercury, turning us inward to recognise the true nature of our own power, Black Moon Lilith aligns with Jupiter to assure us that no matter how ineffective or powerless we may sometimes feel, absolutely nothing could be further from the truth! The issue, however, lies often in our definition of power, which causes us to overlook our true nature in favour of something altogether more egoic and personalised!

When Black Moon Lilith speaks she takes us to the very heart of power. She connects us with a force inside which will tolerate no resistance, accept no boundary and allow no distortion. This is sheer, raw power, awesome and terrifying in equal measure. She is the lion’s roar, the clap of thunder overhead, the force of the ocean, the power of the hurricane. Black Moon Lilith is us at our most unmitigated and uncensored, in our most primal state without the adjustments of personality, manners and that ever-present need for approval and acceptance! It is this power from which we so often shy away, denying it, disowning it, doing all that we can to hide it, from others and ourselves. And then, having done all this we feel powerless, cursed, up against a life which just keeps going wrong. We wonder why the same old patterns repeat, in relationships, at work, in our family, our health. Why no matter how ‘good’ we think we are, life seems to get worse not better!

As a result we begin to equate power with influence, with the ability to make life do what we want when we want. We equate being ‘empowered’ with being able to get our own way no matter what. We may admire those who seem to manage this, unless they’re getting their own way in our lives and against our will in which case we resent them even while we feel bound by their demands instead of our own. These complex and confusing dynamics, which arise from our initial rejection of our own raw power, create evermore disempowered behaviours and experiences as we stray further and further from our true nature. Eventually our ego tells us it’s us or them, dog eat dog. If we want power we have to grab it, fight for it, harm, diminish, even kill others to get it! We can’t all have it. There’s only so much and it’s up for grabs. We live in a world where power is no longer about self-determination and sovereignty but about power over others, over resources, money, animals, the planet. This type of power has a subject over which to be in control. It is egoic power, personalised and divisive.

Black Moon Lilith’s power, the core energy at the very heart of every living creature, is simply power, energy in its rawest form, in need of expression in order to unleash its creative force in the world. It’s not in competition with anything or anyone. It simply is, vibrant, unfettered, replete with potential and possibility. It demands nothing but utter authenticity: a willingness to simply be what we are and preparedness to live the consequences of being so. The hurricane does not complain because everyone runs from its path! It simply blows as it must, doing its bit for the global weather system which seeks always to establish balance albeit through extremes. When we know Black Moon Lilith as ourselves there is no need for ‘power over’. Even ego stands down in the face of her supremacy. She demands that we simply be the energy necessary for life to flourish in all its glory, refusing to be contained, censored or redefined by others for their convenience. Refusing to be remoulded, even by ourselves.

If we are feeling powerless, broken, battered down or simply lacking in motivation to change even when we know we must, we can remember that none of these feelings are possible unless we have turned our back on Black Moon Lilith, upon her essence inside of us. Only when we disown our own primal power can we perceive ourselves to be lacking what we need to get by, can we feel at the mercy of forces beyond our control. Almost everybody does it. We call it ‘education’, ‘manners’, ‘socialisation’ when in fact it is more often oppression, of ourselves and each other, for if we were a people committed to truth we would encourage the power of sovereignty over ourselves and our lives, not shy from it. And in doing so we would create a world where power is neither abused nor fought over but simply acknowledged as a fundamental right of all living creatures to be what and who they are: a force of nature who reflects within every nuance of the infinite universe without.

We live in powerful times and we have been gifted with powerful lives. Black Moon Lilith rises up and demands that we live them before it’s too late!

Sarah Varcas

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