23rd October 2014: Sun and Venus enter Scorpio

by Sarah on 15/10/2014


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Dancing in the Darkness


Sarah Varcas

In the hours leading up to the eclipse, both the Sun and then Venus enter Scorpio in preparation for the big event in which they both have a starring role! That said, the eclipse event will be over and done with quickly whilst their journey through the sign of the Scorpion will continue for a few weeks hence, weaving the fruits of the eclipse time to filter into our daily lives. A conjunction of the Sun and Venus as they enter a new sign bodes well for the coming solar month (which in this instance lasts until 22nd November). Whilst it doesn’t necessarily guarantee plain-sailing and still waters, it does provide a supportive backdrop to our endeavours whatever the coming weeks have in store.

Scorpio, like its ruling planet Pluto, has a bad reputation. Many find it both fearful and fascinating, ruling such murky issues as sex, death, uses and abuses of power and secrecy in all its forms. It typifies the shadow realms of human nature and exposes us to thoughts, feelings and behaviours we would just as soon avoid thank you very much! But to view this sign simply as some strange cosmic curse best avoided misses the entire orientation of the Scorpio energy field which attracts anything in need of purification and is prepared to do the dirty work involved to complete the task at hand.

Whilst purification frequently implies the removal of foreign substances to restore something to an unsullied state, in the context of Scorpio the restoration is that of ‘impure’ aspects back to the self where they belong, rendering it complete once more. There is no desire in Scorpio to separate and remove the ‘problem’ but to reunite it with the whole. It is this which purifies the psyche and spirit of all the ‘negative’ build up formed as we fragment throughout the course of life’s ups and downs, splitting off a bit of ourselves here, a thought or belief there, an emotion somewhere else, just so we can get through another day ‘in one piece’ and not reveal too much of what’s really going on inside!

Scorpio is happy to get its hands dirty if that’s what’s needed to sort out this mess. It doesn’t flinch from the guts and gore of the average human psyche which has been savagely clipped from an early age to fit in, stand up to the scrutiny of the masses and offer up a resilient defence against the more primal forces bubbling within. Whilst Scorpio energy is drawn to these forces and will engage them directly its motivation (before we get involved and decide we know better!) is simply to reveal new growth, new life, new potential out of what appeared simply to be a decaying mass. Scorpio is the great cosmic composter, turning manure into vegetables and rotting matter into flowers to brighten the path ahead. It discards nothing for it knows the value of the cycles of birth, life, demise, death and decay. It sees them all in context and knows them all to be divinely inspired, each step of the way, making use of everything encountered, every moment of hurt, every wound, every disappointment or betrayal just as much as each moment of creative inspiration, hope, excitement and joy.

Scorpio is feared precisely because it discards nothing and entertains everything. This is hard to swallow for the average human being who harbours so much that causes shame and fear, guilt and self-hatred. The temptation is to assume only negative things about any energy which dances in the darkness with our monsters and demons, but in making this assumption we forget that those beings are simply us, and it is ourselves being danced to the rhythm of Scorpio’s drum, not to be led to our destruction but to be made whole in the flames of purification and returned to our rightful state of being: connected and complete.

So in the coming weeks as the Sun journeys through Scorpio’s terrain, Venus reminds us this is a dance not a battle, a creative endeavour not a fight to the death. Our partner knows the steps and bids us follow into the darkness with confidence, for what we find there is simply parts of ourselves long disowned, awaiting an invitation to return from exile and rejoin the constellation of all things, which is simply what we are.

Sarah Varcas

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