15th October 2014: Waning Quarter Moon in Cancer

by Sarah on 08/10/2014


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A Multi-Dimensional Reminder


Sarah Varcas

The Quarter Moon occurs at 7:13 pm GMT in the 23rd degree of Cancer. In her own sign this is a comfortable and effective Moon, in touch with both her surroundings and her inner most being. The Sun, Saturn and Mars support her to make the most of this halfway point between a lunar and a solar eclipse. Here she asks us to pause a while, reflect on what the lunar eclipse shared with us and prepare for the solar eclipse in Scorpio (23rd October GMT) which will reveal the roots of the issues raised a week ago. At this point in the Moon’s cycle we are encouraged to take stock and regroup after the illumination of the Full Moon a week before. That the Full Moon was eclipsed reminds us we are in a time of powerful truths, revelations yet to occur and an energetic interplay between shadow and light. We can live fully in neither. To live solely in light removes the quietness of night in which we replenish ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To live forever in the shadows cause us to wither and grow weak as we fail to replenish the fire which burns at the heart of our most authentic and vibrant self. To be human is to live in both of these worlds and many others too, weaving our way through the ups and downs and twists and turns of an existence which forever keeps us guessing and refuses to reward our constant search for meaning with neat and tidy answers!

At the time of this quarter Moon, a pause point on her archetypal journey from light to darkness, we are invited to see ourselves as the multi-dimensional beings we are, because a human being is exactly that: a vortex of energy manifesting on many planes of existence simultaneously. We meet face to face in the physical, connect our personalities on the mental and emotional, merge hearts and souls on the spiritual and so on, throughout time and space which forever provides the context of our becoming. What we perceive as ‘you’ and ‘I’ is in fact the interplay of light and dark, energy and entropy, arising and ceasing, across countless aeons. If we could fully see our true nature, our minds would be forever blown awake from their blinkered perspectives. And yet seeing ourselves this way is so very hard to do. We may glimpse it from time to time, sideways on, in a quiet moment alone, out in nature, watching our children play, the birds feed, listening to our favourite music or even in a moment of deep suffering which breaks us apart and finally lets the truth in. In all of these we may become aware of the multi-dimensional reality of our existence before it slips away again and we return to everyday consciousness. But to abide in that knowing moment by moment, the very notion can seem so remote from our experience, to most it is simply a fantasy never to be realised.

This Moon assures us we are so much more than we realise, as vast as the skies, deep as the oceans. We are everything and everywhere, everyone and all things. She sees the truth of us, you and me, even as we look in the mirror and see only our own puzzled face staring back. She knows that we miss so much and she longs for us to see our world through her eyes which perceive what we can only imagine. As her light fades to darkness and the Solar Eclipse approaches at the New Moon, we are encouraged to believe, to embrace faith even when our personal experience is so far from what we yearn to know. She assures us that our desire to know, to experience from the inside these ultimate truths is not lost to the cosmos. Instead its fruits are woven into the timeline of our lives, of the life of this planet, seeding unity and intimacy with all things as they go. We are bulbs in the dark soil, dreaming of our flowery self breaking through the surface, reaching up to the warmth of the Sun. We are the first embryonic cells of a new creation as life seeks embodiment in the physical realm. Just as we look in the mirror and see our own face staring back, we can look up to the heavens and see our cosmic self gazing back, reaching down into and through us, awake on this earth whilst simultaneously woven throughout the universe, ever present, as fresh as spring grass and old as the Sun itself.

When the solar eclipse arrives we must dig deep and the heavens will provide all we need to do so. The first of those gifts arrives now, with this Quarter Moon which bids us to recall our true self, infinite and ever present, ready to embrace us when we turn our face towards it and recognise, in its cosmic gaze, our own face staring back.

Sarah Varcas

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