17th – 19th October 2014: Messages from Mercury Retrograde

by Sarah on 15/10/2014


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Image: “Befriending the Sun” by Gary Rosenberg


We Are the Cosmos


Sarah Varcas

As we travel from the waning Quarter Moon to the Solar Eclipse on 23rd/24th October, Mercury retrograde connects first with the Sun, then Venus followed by the North Node. This provides us ample opportunity to channel its energy into our lives; to become Mercury retrograde in the fullness of our being, not just perceive it as an imposition from outside, as so many do at this point in the astrological cycle. We are the cosmic energies that we encounter every day, all of them. This reminder comes now to assure us, if we were in any doubt, that they are not separate from us. They are us and we are them. The energy which propels the planets on their paths through time and space is the same energy which propels us forward on our own personal journey. The heavens do not do TO us, they do WITH us and we with them. And right now we can experience this oneness with the heavens in all its glory if we so choose.

Of course, there are many reasons to choose otherwise! To remain blinkered in our cosy belief that when we feel the full force of the universe’s might in our lives it is done to us, often against our will. There is comfort and safety in victimhood. It absolves us of responsibility, ‘entitles’ us to sympathy and creates an environment in which we can shy away from the risks of being pro-active because, ‘what’s the point? It’ll all go wrong anyway. It always does!’. It’s tough not to feel this way sometimes, especially when everything seems to be slipping away from us. When events seem to be orchestrated elsewhere we experience ourselves as powerless, hard done by, unfairly treated. We blame external forces and may have good cause to do so. But it is OUR life, and the patterns within it reflect those in our own nature, such is the order woven throughout the cosmos. Everything follows its own nature, be it a plant, an animal, a planet, the weather or a human being! It cannot be any other way, and embracing even the possibility that we are far more influential in the unfolding of our own lives than we may care to perceive – that the power we attribute to external forces is in fact the same power inside of us – can recast our existence in a very different light.

So what does Mercury retrograde have to do with all this? Well, at the moment it refuses to be blamed for anything! It is diving right inside us to see with our eyes and act through our intent. Its desire to correct and recalibrate, to revisit and readjust can now be so deeply embedded in our psyche it will seem like the most natural thing to do! Why wouldn’t we want to? Why resist the opportunity to review what we’ve done, what we’ve said, where we’ve been, to improve on the past for the benefit of the future? Because the retrograde passage of Mercury can throw up some curve balls, we are often told to simply ‘do nothing and wait it out’, but I think this is the worst possible advice! Wait, yes, if waiting is called for, but do nothing?! At this precious time when the past is reopened to us for adjustment and improvement?! Why on earth would we want to do nothing with such a gift?! That bit makes no sense to me. The work of Mercury retrograde is that of honest appraisal, deep reflection, careful attention to the details we may have overlooked. Mercury retrograde is a powerful force for progress, precisely because it reveals the missteps we have taken and shows us how to right them if we are willing to recognise that WE are Mercury retrograde and it really is down to us to sort out the messes in our own lives, not simply wait for something or someone else to step in and do it for us.

As we approach the solar eclipse next week the more we can connect deeply with cosmic energies – so deeply that we come to know them as our very self, our essential life force – the greater will be the potential for profound shifts at the eclipse. None of this is done to us, no matter what it is. We are part of all of it, propelling the events of our lives forward, even when we fail to recognise it. Of course there are many things which influence our experience as we go, and the complexities of everything from genetic heritage to karmic forces can make for a roller-coaster ride, but it is all us, who we are right now, not some external curse or blessing, imposition or unavoidable obstacle. And because it is us we can influence it all too, by living it fully, by embracing who we are, our lives as they unfold, the wisdom of this energy coursing through us which creates the very resonance we need to more completely express our true essence.

The heavens exhort us now to know deeply that they and we are one and the same. They simply spell out our very core in a form that we can recognise. They point us back into ourselves to find them there, not somewhere outside of us to be battled or embraced according to the cosmic weather. Mercury retrograde doesn’t want to be rejected and blamed anymore, it simply wants us to realise it is us and we are it, in our own lives and those of other people. My lack of commitment may become Mercury retrograde for you, as you reflect and recognise that you suspected I wouldn’t follow through but you ignored the niggles. Your lack of clarity may become mercury retrograde for me as I realise I relied too much on you to deal with the detail when I could have done it myself. These energies are inside us, around us and between us, just as much as they are beamed throughout the cosmos. We can personalise them and know them as ourselves and each other. In doing so we can recognise the profound beauty of this synthesis: that we are all born of the stars and animated by the same energy. The limitless space we see above is also within and the power we perceive in the heavens is ours to own and utilise. This gift of insight comes now to remind us that we may have put our blinkers back on and forgotten the bigger picture. Time to take them off to see it, and ourselves, in all our cosmic glory!

Sarah Varcas

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