5th June – 8th October 2015: Venus in Leo

by Sarah Varcas on 02/06/2015


Scattered Gems
Image: “Scattered Gems” by Gary Rosenberg


Human Jewels


Sarah Varcas

Venus’s journey through Leo is an unusual one, being interrupted by two weeks in Virgo in July and lengthened by a retrograde passage between 25th July and 6th September. In Leo, Venus invites us to celebrate ourselves and embrace the sheer pleasure of unapologetically being who we are. She provides the opportunity to recognise our own worth and the gifts we can offer the world. They don’t have to be breathtakingly spectacular or astoundingly unique. Venus in Leo recognises the wonder of our individuality, the nuance of our speech, that certain way we approach other people, the glint in our eye and the lilt in our walk. She loves us just the way we are, whoever we are, and bids us look in her mirror to see ourselves through her eyes.

As she enters Leo she forms a trine to Saturn. Together they remind us to have faith in ourselves, to remember we’re not meant to be perfect but real, not evolved but evolving! No one is their ‘best self’ the whole time. It simply doesn’t happen. Anything from a bad night’s sleep to too much work to the ever-present worries of everyday life can sap our energy, take the shine off our glow and generally leave us feeling and acting less than sprightly! We are often our own worst critic, spotting every failing and foible, all the things we could have done better, the times we could have looked better, when we could have been more on the ball.

ENOUGH!! Venus in Leo simply won’t tolerate this self-denigration. ‘You are all so beautiful’ she cries, ‘such a wonderful array of humanity. Jewels every one!’. She won’t let us get away with not appreciating ourselves in the coming months so we might as well start doing so now! Except often it’s just not that easy. Intimacy with our own perceived flaws and failings can get in the way of self-love before we’ve even begun. The tendency to magnify ‘faults’ and overlook the rest is well rooted in the human psyche, even though the very notion of ‘imperfection’ causes this Venus to throw her arms up in the air and exclaim ‘enough!’ once more.

Venus in Leo simply loves who we are, perfectly imperfect and completely real. She sees behind the uncertainties and fears, lack of confidence, social faux pas, embarrassing moments and deepest shame to the sacred humanity at our heart. She celebrates us all and urges us to do the same. In a busy world where life rushes by at a lightening pace it’s easy to overlook the importance of appreciative moments: a compliment here, a kind word there, a vote of thanks or a gesture of gratitude. In the coming months she encourages us to both appreciate ourselves and each other. Share the love and gratitude. Make clear how special our significant others are. Whilst Ceres turns us inward to find our own worth, Venus balances the inner movement with outer expression. Yes, we need to be self-sustaining and sovereign of our own lives, but we also live among others and some of our most transformative experiences involve them.

This interplay of inner and outer, self and other, is one of the most fertile grounds for awakening and it is often in the intricacies of relationship that we meet face to face our real and false selves struggling against each other for ground. Venus in Leo provides warmth and encouragement for the road ahead, reminding us that we can support ourselves and each other in equal measure, making space for us all to shine. Her world is not a competition for attention but a festival of love, gratitude and celebration in which we all get our moment in the spotlight and in doing so reflect not only our own worth but that of those who look on and cheer our name.

Between 11th and 18th June, Ceres opposes Venus. We may feel more deeply the tension between needing external affirmation and the necessity of affirming our own unquestionable worth. Finding the balance between independence and interdependence is key. We must embrace both and know ourselves as more than either – interdependent, independent and something else altogether – the divine itself, vital, pure and completely whole. Beyond all concepts of self and other, me and you, we exist as one, connected by our very essence and profoundly entwined.

This is a passionate and fiery Venus, aflame with sensuality and alight from the inside out. She bids us share ourselves with each other whilst knowing deeply our own intrinsic worth. Her affection is rooted in love of the self radiated out to all, igniting that same self-love in others. She reminds us that we each carry a divine spark, reflected in all that we do. There is more than enough love to go around, more than ample appreciation for all to bask in its glow. She knows no space for doubt or denigration and invites us all to bathe in the radiance of her beautiful glow. In aligning ourselves with such beauty we are left in no doubt that we are beautiful too, no matter what our hard to please mind may sometimes say!

Sarah Varcas

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