22nd / 23rd July – 23rd August 2015: Sun in Leo

by Sarah on 20/07/2015


Sun in Leo, creativity, timing, confidence, Mercury in Leo, Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Virgo, North Node in Virgo, Black Moon Lilith in Virgo
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Here Comes the Sun! (and I say… it’s alright)


Sarah Varcas

As the Sun shifts from gentle and reclusive Cancer into confident, boisterous Leo – followed hot on its heels by Mercury – we can all come out of our shells a bit if we want to! As energy now gathers pace we have the opportunity to act on ideas and plans formed in recent weeks. Venus now briefly in Virgo helps out with her own special brand of creative play, attending here and then there to practicalities with the lightest but most careful touch. Venus makes a valuable ally to this Sun, balancing its fiery exuberance with her focused attention. In doing so she reminds us that enthusiasm and confidence are easily frittered away if we give in to complacency. She suggests, instead, that we embrace the enthusiastic attention to detail coupled with inspired activity characteristic of their alliance.

But if you’re not yet ready, don’t panic! This is just the very beginning of a fertile and creative time during which much will progress and many will embrace new ways of living and being. Think of it as the preview you see at the cinema before the next big film release. It’s tantalising and seductive, full of future promise, boasting 3D, surround-sound and all the latest big names. But it’s not here yet and we have to wait before we can enjoy the full experience. Of course, some film trailers are more accurate than others! Some show all the best bits and the film itself disappoints. Others more accurately reflect the full-length feature. The type of preview we’re viewing now may not be entirely clear. Is this a realistic future or just the best bits with the less attractive parts edited out? Could we really pull it off and manifest what may look from here to be an audacious plan, or is our head too far in the clouds to accurately assess the path ahead?

Questions, questions, questions… we always have them – wanting to know the future rather than live the present, when in fact the future is reflected in how we live right now: our thoughts and feelings, actions and activities, where we place our attention, expend our energy and focus our intent. If we want the future to look different to the past we need to live differently now, not later once everything’s fallen into place. The Sun in Leo shines boldly on us all no matter who we are, what we’ve done, where we’re at or what we dream. It offers unconditionally its warm, sustaining embrace. We can all feel it in the coming weeks, but whether or not we anchor it in our lives, to further flourish and grow, is our choice completely. If we simply bask in the warm glow of fantasising ‘how things will be when’, without doing something to make ‘when’ now, we’ll be exactly where we were when the glow eventually fades as when it began. If, however, we call upon this fertile time to lay basic foundations and do some groundwork we’ll anchor that sunlight, store it for later use, weave it into the very heart of our future.

Mercury’s brief journey through Leo (23rd July – 7th August) helps out with self expression and supports the interactions needed to get things off the ground. If we must negotiate our position, communicate our needs or get our point across, it offers the confidence to do so. Together with Saturn and Black Moon Lilith, Mercury signals a time of personal power during which doing what’s necessary to get the ball rolling, will secure our place in the first wave of manifestation come November when the North Node joins Jupiter in fruitful Virgo.

We can draw upon the current blast of Leo sunshine to illuminate the path ahead, breathing life and warmth into our becoming. The time is now to act if we’re ready, or prepare for action if we’re not. The heavens are awash with light which, in turn, calls forth our own. Radiant, warm and embracing the present we are born anew of solar fire, the very stuff from which our future will be made.

Sarah Varcas

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