16th/17th March 2015: Final Exact Uranus/Pluto Square

by Sarah on 11/03/2015


Freeing our Phoenix Selves


Sarah Varcas

So much has been said by so many astrologers about the Uranus/Pluto square since its first alignment in June 2012, it’s hard to imagine there’s anything left to say! Many peoples’ lives have been turned completely upside down by the force of this celestial event. Pluto’s destruction of all that binds us to out-moded values and priorities, aligned with Uranus’s urge to liberate no matter the apparent cost, have created tidal waves of chaos and fear, freedom and renewal, first one then the other, rolling over our lives as the cosmic drama has played itself out. Few have been left unscathed, and for many the apparent chaos is on-going as one aspect of life, then another, crumbles before our very eyes. When Uranus and Pluto are intent on our transformation it can feel akin to living in a war zone. For some it has been exactly that. But deep within there remains forever a part of us not touched or changed, traumatised or fractured by our struggles, but instead simply watching and waiting for the moment of rebirth which signals the success of this particular cosmic mission.

For many now, that moment of rebirth is at hand. Like a phoenix rising from the flames, this final alignment acts as a midwife for those trapped in the birth canal, struggling for life whilst fearing the security left behind may turn out to have been the best option after all! Birth is both an everyday miracle and a perilous passage from one state of being to another. The cosmos is deep in the birthing process at this moment. The Aquarian Age is taking shape and we along with it, reflecting changing values of independence and sovereignty over and above obedience and loyalty to traditions now too dated to foster the life our spirits crave. This final square may present more challenges, but if we look closely we will see they reflect familiar themes from the past two and a half years. As such they offer one final chance to shift perspective, act with courage or simply decide enough is enough and put our foot down! The more we resist doing so the greater the stress; the more we embrace the challenge the greater the freedom. Consequences of decisions made now will be clear and unequivocal, so choosing well and from a place of clarity is important.

Thankfully we have Jupiter to assist us in doing so. Forming an alliance with both Pluto and Uranus, it reminds us that everything we need to know is inside of us. What we may call a ‘sixth sense’ is the divine within sharing its’ all knowing, all seeing wisdom, vibrating throughout our bodies, hearts and minds, in every cell, every feeling, every thought, guiding us ever deeper into truth. Jupiter reminds us now to call upon this inner knowing at every possible opportunity. Play around with it, create a relationship with it, closer than our most intimate friend. Use it not just in the huge and influential decisions in life, but also in the seemingly inconsequential small ones. Ask it what to have for dinner, which way to walk to the shop, whether or not to watch that programme on TV tonight. This isn’t disrespecting the sacred but recognising that everything, absolutely everything, exists within the sacred field. There is simply nothing outside of it and we can use our divine connection to guide us through every moment of every day, by cultivating an on-going relationship with that part of us that simply knows the next thing to be done.

The more we can do this, the sharper our wisdom when the bigger challenges arise, when decisions must be made which could change our world forever. Like any relationship, the one we have with the divine requires time and attention to develop and grow. Uranus and Pluto, in their infinite wisdom, have created plenty of opportunities in recent years for us to do exactly that. We may have misread them as disaster and bad luck, trauma and challenge, but each and every one was an invitation from the divine to enter more deeply into relationship and call upon the wisdom within which always knows what must be done.

This final Uranus/Pluto square exhorts us to turn within for answers and embrace the knowing that lives always inside, no matter what may be happening on the surface! In doing so we can discern whether we are honouring the sacred in our lives or struggling to wrest control from it! Where we are connected and awake, and where we have lulled ourselves into unconsciousness. As this alignment arises and then fades finally away, the phoenix is released from the flames ready to soar. The heights to which it can do so depend on our willingness to allow it free reign in its new found liberation. We are the phoenix but we are also the flames, burning through those aspects of our lives which no longer reflect the person we have become. The hotter we burn the freer we become. The heavens want us aflame now, blazing through the dross that masks our shine, birthing our phoenix selves to fly free and unfettered into the future: wise, awake and forever divine.

Sarah Varcas

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