16th/17th December 2014 – 4th/5th January 2015: Mercury in Capricorn

by Sarah on 10/12/2014


Mercury in Capricorn, Jupiter in Leo, Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Libra, managing the mundane, clarity
Image: “You’ve Got Mail” by Brian Varcas


Earth Bumps and Brass Tacks


Sarah Varcas

Mercury is moving quickly as it approaches its next retrograde cycle beginning in January. As it races through Capricorn we can get down to brass tacks with matters of communication, connection and correspondence. Mercury in Capricorn brings us down to earth with a bump but is wonderfully useful when it comes to getting the world in order through effective communication and clarity of intent. As the year reaches its close we often want to clear the decks ready for the new one. Mercury in Capricorn is a great ally if this is our intention. It loves lists, plans and paperwork, values straightforward, no-frills communication and simply wants to get the job done with as little fuss or fluster as possible. If you’ve been putting off practical matters, be it letters to write, bills to pay, conversations to have or places to go, now’s your chance to get on with it.

A supportive alliance between the Sun, Moon and Jupiter as Mercury shifts into its new sign indicates potential for agreement and accord in relationships, renewed understanding and shared inspiration. It can be all too easy to become bogged down in the challenges of all kinds of relationships whilst overlooking the bits which work and can be nurtured. Mercury in Capricorn is all for making the best of things and not making mountains out of molehills, so if we have been struggling to deal with other people, feeling that no progress is being made despite our best efforts, the cosmos encourages us now to get back to basics and get on with things. What do we want to achieve? What needs to be done to achieve it? How can we best get others on board if necessary? These are the key questions to ask and the answers will resound loud and clear if we let them.

Of course problems arise if the answers aren’t what we want to hear! We may discover that the lack of progress is down to our dearth of clarity about what we really want to achieve, or unwillingness to actually do what it takes to get there. Or we may discover that getting someone important on board is simply not possible and if we want to get things done we’ll have to leave them behind in some way or other. When Mercury in Capricorn answers our questions it does so without regard to our personal sensitivities, hopes and fears. It simply works with what’s practical and will get the job done. It can feel harsh when its judgements throw our hopes and dreams into the fire but it’s best we know now what’s possible and what’s ‘pie in the sky’, who we can really count on and who to release to go their own way.

Moving rapidly through Capricorn, Mercury’s messages may come fast and furious. It could be tough to keep up in the coming few weeks if we have a lot to sort out, but the more closely we can pay attention to the information all around the better we will be able to get things ordered and sorted now, forming firm foundations for future progress in the coming year. So perhaps the first step now is to make a list of all those things we’ve been putting off or procrastinating over. Then ask ourselves why we haven’t done them, consider those three questions above and then get on with it! The cosmos is currently aligned to support us in practical efforts and a pragmatic approach, both of which can be simply priceless in a world so frantic and demanding that it sometimes feels we are shot out of a cannon on waking in the morning, spend the day flying through the air screaming until we come to rest back in bed the following night!

Mercury in Capricorn: not the most inspiring planet and certainly not one that promises profound spiritual experience or otherworldly insights. But we don’t live in another world, we live in this one with all its practicalities and mundanity, alongside all its profundity and multi-dimensional depth. Mercury reaches out to us now and gives us a shot in the arm of ‘feet on the ground getting everything sorted’ energy and we would do well to be grateful and put it to very good use!

Sarah Varcas

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