19th – 23rd December 2014: A Touch of Cosmic Magic

by Sarah on 17/12/2014


 Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Aquarius, Chiron in Pisces, Uranus in Aries, empathy, compassion, separation and oneness, conscious relationships


Knowing Me Knowing You


Sarah Varcas

Venus, Mars, Uranus and Chiron join forces for a few days to enable us to break some rules and defy so-called ‘reality’. There’s magic in the air, but not the theatrical kind. In this alignment we encounter the power of invisibility which enables us to blend in, shape-shift and identify more deeply with those people who are ordinarily something of a mystery to us. Here we can identify not through imagination or some intellectual understanding but by energetically stepping into their world and looking out on life through their eyes for a while.

It sounds like empathy but that’s not quite what this is. This alignment dissolves the energetic substance of boundaries, of me over here and you over there, of misunderstandings and polarised points of view. In the coming days we have the option to actually look out on life through someone else’s eyes, to see and experience life as they do with all the feelings, thoughts and impressions that go with it. It’s a fairly rare alignment and one which can bring about significant change if we use it to better understand and resonate with those things in our lives that forever seem to frustrate and block us. This is more than empathy, or perhaps it would be better to say it’s ‘empathy-max’! The fullest kind of empathy, in which the self is lost and the other’s experience becomes one’s own for a while.

It can be tempting to wonder what use such a window of opportunity really is? Haven’t we got enough on our own plate without taking on the trials of other people?! Well yes, that maybe so, but if our own challenges come in the form of relationships (as human challenges so often do!) this provides an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective which may just reveal an angle to which we have been previously blind or a fact otherwise hidden. And, of course, to see ourselves through the eyes of others can be one of the most illuminating experiences! Suddenly what we thought we had made clear as crystal is revealed to be murky as a swamp. What we assumed we had communicated is simply a vague notion to which we don’t seem to have committed. It’s not about blame or finding fault, but simply recognising that once you have more than one person present you have more than one perspective and they could both be equally true, even if they seem polarised from the outset!

In the wake of the Uranus/Pluto square which has really shaken things up this month, demanding an ever deepening level of patience and fortitude, this alignment offers a new way of managing our situation. Patience doesn’t have to be simply waiting, doing nothing in some kind of limbo state. We can use this time to enquire more deeply into the very nature of life, of our mind and heart and of those people with whom we share ourselves. We can allow the barriers between us to dissolve and step into their very skin, seeing life through their eyes, with their thoughts and feelings, their hopes and fears. When we do this with compassion and acceptance we can recognise that what we find within them is simply human nature in all its paradoxical glory – confusing, upsetting, inspirational, raw and refined. And we may begin to understand something else about them and us which helps to more permanently dissolve barriers: that we all want to be secure and accepted; that we all want to be acknowledged and respected; that we all want to be happy and free to be who we are. These basic truths of the human condition get lost amidst the complexities of relationship dynamics and everyone trying to fight their own corner, but essentially we are all seeking the same thing: peace, whatever that means for us; freedom from suffering, whatever makes us, as individuals, suffer. Despite many appearances to the contrary we have so much in common with each other and all sentient beings. We all want to be safe, at peace and fulfilled. It is so easy to focus on what separates and divides, when what unites can be so much more powerful and persuasive.

In the coming days barriers can be taken down and we can step beyond the identities which separate to the place in which we are all connected. We can allow ourselves to see from another perspective, to know life inside someone else’s world and find, as we do, that they’re not really so different from us for we are all striving to be free from pain, loved for who we are and fulfilled.

Sarah Varcas

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