managing the material world

18th September 2015 – 20th December 2017: Saturn in Sagittarius

by Sarah 15 September 2015

    The Crucible of Manifestation By Sarah Varcas Many will celebrate Saturn’s final departure from Scorpio. It’s been tough going. The combination of Saturn’s insistence that we assume responsibility for our lives and Scorpio’s demand that we embrace even the darkest and most difficult aspects of the self has necessitated facing up to some […]

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21st/22nd December 2014: Sun enters Capricorn followed by a Capricorn New Moon

by Sarah 17 December 2014

      Spiritual Backbone By Sarah Varcas   As the Sun enters Capricorn it forms a semi-sextile with Saturn who is about to enter Sagittarius. Against the backdrop of cosmic magic we are delivered some ‘spiritual backbone’ to sustain us. In Capricorn the Sun reminds us that to live a spiritual life means to live […]

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16th/17th December 2014 – 4th/5th January 2015: Mercury in Capricorn

by Sarah 10 December 2014

  Image: “You’ve Got Mail” by Brian Varcas   Earth Bumps and Brass Tacks By Sarah Varcas   Mercury is moving quickly as it approaches its next retrograde cycle beginning in January. As it races through Capricorn we can get down to brass tacks with matters of communication, connection and correspondence. Mercury in Capricorn brings […]

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