18th April 2015: New Moon in Aries

by Sarah on 15/04/2015


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Image: “Gestation” by Gary Rosenberg


The Silent Seed of the Future


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is new at 6:58 pm GMT in the 29th degree of Aries. In the first sign of the zodiac a new moon brings fresh perspectives and new possibility, but the nature of those new beginnings is reflected in the specifics of the New Moon moment. This is especially true now, for this Moon speaks of quietude and inner listening, a willingness to wait and receive wisdom rather than step up to take action prematurely. As much as Aries wants to get things done and the next task underway, in its final degrees it recognises that timing is everything when it comes to effective action and right now the most important thing we can do is stop, look and listen for guidance about the path ahead.

As we do so identity falls away. We become no one as we sit ever stiller and blend our energy with that of the infinite universe out of which our individuality was born. This Moon is a time of dissolution even as she marks the nascent beginnings of a new cycle. For without allowing the old to fully fall away we cannot embrace the utter newness of what is to come. We cannot second-guess at this point. This is not a Moon upon which to envision our future but instead to allow visions to dissolve into dust and drift away on the breezes of time. For only in doing so can we be sure in due course that our path is true and our destination aligned. We may feel that without action nothing new can take root. That we must be the spark of creativity which illuminates the path ahead. But this Moon tells us we are ahead of ourselves. That bit comes later. Right now we are simply preparing the canvas, clearing the decks and allowing nothing to emerge, not as a vacuum in need of filling but as a vibrant space out of which the new can eventually be born.

Pluto is supportive of this Moon, holding the space for silence in which we simply have to be, free of the impulse to do or become. It may not come naturally and it may feel like time wasted: too much space in a life of so much to do! But if we can allow ourselves to disappear into the greater void out of which all wisdom emerges, all creation occurs, we will be reformed when necessary and shaped as we need to be by the forces of the cosmos which weave themselves through our lives forever leading us home. This Moon promises no fanfare or acclaim but instead a deep inner knowing that who we are and what we do takes time to emerge from the cosmic soup of possibility. It cannot be forced nor pre-empted. And any form we impose upon it merely serves to conceal and misshape its nascent form. The path ahead is neither clear nor marked at this point, but its twists and turns await our feet when the time is right.

Until then, this Moon reminds us, we are in the womb of all possibility, awaiting our call out into the light of day. What we dream may yet manifest, what we hope may come true. But such things are irrelevant right now as we watch and wait, listen and attend to the gently beating heart of the cosmos marking out the passage of cosmic time, reminding us of its infinite complexity beyond our limited imaginings. Patience, faith, temperance: these are the qualities required now. Action can wait, commitments made at another time. Without this period of stillness we simply won’t know where we’re headed, for the space to discern was never cleared. Out of this silence the future is born when the time is right and conditions ready. We play our part by offering our own silence to that of the cosmos: the silent seed of a new beginning to be tended in faith and protected with love. All things rest in this silence, gathering momentum for their eventual release into the world of manifest form, until which we are held by the cosmos in a safe and loving embrace

Sarah Varcas

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