17th August 2014: Waning Quarter Moon in Taurus

by Sarah on 14/08/2014


 Gentle Calf


Being is Enough


Sarah Varcas

Further to Mercury’s entry into Virgo, this waning quarter Moon introduces more earthy energy. After the intensity of the Full Moon a week ago this is no bad thing! Whatever has been going on for us this month, this Moon, on its way to a New Moon in Virgo next week, offers more grounding energy and an invitation to rest for a while and take stock.

At this point in the Moon’s cycle we can release what no longer supports us. After the intensity of the Super Moon this could be something significant with which we have previously identified strongly. It easy to focus on the physical things we must let go in life – people, places, jobs, possessions, circumstances – but right now the letting go may be of a more nebulous but equally important kind: beliefs, emotional patterns and habitual behaviours. The Super Moon may have challenged all of these and we now find ourselves needing to release ideas we hold about ourselves and others, about what our life should look like and what we are supposed to be doing with it.

This kind of letting go can be both liberating and traumatic, often in the same moment! Sometimes beliefs are the hardest things to release because they are so very close to us, integrated into our very psyche, forming the bedrock of so much in our life. Right now the Moon invites us to entertain the notion that they’re not an integral part of who we are but instead just something we have added on, an appendage we can discard whenever we want.

Many of the great sages throughout time have spoken of believing nothing to know the truth: being neither for nor against, neither in agreement or otherwise, with anything that arises. It is often interpreted as an exhortation to be completely passive and accepting, allowing all manner of injustice and abuse in the name of being ‘spiritual’. But this is not what they were pointing to. For when we can stand aside from the world of polarities, of right and wrong, good and bad, even me and you, we can step into the unified field of consciousness which exists within each and every one of us, and in which each and every one of us exists. In doing so we become life itself, breathing, feeling, acting. We no longer have to believe in order to act or take a side in order to know who we are. We become a force of nature responding to the energy of the moment and acting in whatever way promotes the deepest flow, the greatest evolutionary ease. It no longer matters what we think about something, only what any situation itself requires for balance to be restored and life to be lived out in its fullest.

Stepping out of thought in this way can be easier when the Moon is in Taurus, and this Quarter Moon invites us to do just that: to release the mental chatter, the incessant commentary on our lives and those of the people around us, and just be, trusting the Earth to support us, the sky to protect us, the Sun, Moon and stars to guide our way. This innate trust in the universe – to be what it needs to be both around and within us – opens a door to the truth in a way that no thought ever could. It connects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with our very life force. Once we stop filtering everything through our tiny minds we can begin to do so through the vastness of our spirit which contains everything and still has room for more. We begin to experience the truth, not as an idea or belief but as a pulse which beats within us, throughout time and space. We can feel the ‘me’ drop away and the ‘all’ take its place. We know we are everything and as everything there is nothing to lose and nothing to gain. There is only beingness, and that is truth.

This Quarter Moon offers respite from the demands of the modern world and invites us into a quiet state of resonance with all that is. Doing can wait for a while. Thinking can be put on hold. Scheming and planning can have a day off. Time now just to be. That, she reminds us, is always enough.

Sarah Varcas

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