17th/18th May 2015: New Moon in Taurus

by Sarah on 12/05/2015


 New Moon in Taurus, Mercury retrograde in Gemini May 2015, knowing the mind, inner listening, divine timing, knowing ourselves as divine, patience, Mars in Gemini, ancient wisdom 


The Most Creative Time of All


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is new on 18th May at 4:14 am GMT in the 27th degree of Taurus. Occurring less than twenty four hours before Mercury stations retrograde, she provides an opportunity to stop, wait and reflect. After the challenging momentum of the intense Scorpio Full Moon this one offers welcome relief and quiet stillness to replenish our mind, heart and spirit.

The beauty of this Moon will manifest as we turn our senses inward to look, listen and feel. The outside world may confound us at this point, making little sense when contrasted with what we know to be true. We could expend enormous amounts of mental energy on trying to work it all out, but with Mercury slowing to its retrograde station it would be energy wasted. Instead we can replenish rather than drain ourselves. Mars now settling into Gemini may see our minds a-buzz with ideas, perceptions and possibilities, but the New Moon bids us rest, release and allow the mind to still. In heeding her advice a rooted connection arises which bypasses mental noise and offers instinctive inner wisdom of the most precious kind.

The current conjunction between Juno and Jupiter in Leo infuses this mystical Moon with the spirit of hope (Jupiter) and the alchemy of commitment (Juno). Here we encounter the power of embracing the divine in our own unique way, allowing it expression through our personality, our distinctive strengths, abilities, foibles and idiosyncrasies. When we know ourselves and all living beings as divine we embody the power of life itself, the sacred essence which animates all things. In doing so we step out of our own way, allowing the divine to use us as it must, to be itself through us. We offer up our sense of self for use by the highest power within and without, allowing our every thought word and deed to be divinely animated. This is a process not of dissolution of self which can be disorienting, but of sanctification of self, which allows us to be exactly who we are in its fullest expression, deeply embodied and divinely ordained.

In the stillness of this Moon we have a precious opportunity to reflect on what it means to be both a unique individual and part of a resplendent whole in which we merge with all things. The earthy mysticism of this Moon connects us with ancient wisdom and deep inner knowing born aeons ago and awaiting our attention. Her darkness reveals information beyond words and wisdom that defies articulation. If we are still at this Moon we will simply know. That is all. And what we know will change us if we let it. Lunar wisdom in Taurus is carried within the very planet on which we live. It awaits us in the soil, beneath ground, in the woods and wild places where the human hand has failed to shape nature’s expression. If we can be in such a place at this New Moon, wonderful. It is the place to be. If we can’t, we can call upon those places, welcome their energy into our heart, their spirit into our soul and their wildness into our minds to blow the cobwebs of reason away.

There is much mental work to be done in the coming weeks. Our minds will be challenged to think outside the box, reshape old ideas and navigate inter-personal dynamics which may stretch our authenticity to the max. Filling up on the energy of this New Moon will stand us in good stead for the weeks ahead, for she roots us in truth and the ancient presence of timeless wisdom. She connects us with sages of times past, of present day wisdom and future possibility. She reminds us we are all instruments of the divine, working itself out in us and through us, expressing the infinite paradox of existence which is both subjective and objective, individual and collective, inside us and all around.

Our mind may take exception to this Moon! There is so much to sort out, so many thoughts to think, ideas to action and relationships to clarify! We don’t have time to just be and reflect! Yes, of course we are instruments of the divine but that’s exactly why we need to get on and do what needs to be done, get this evolution sorted, bring in the ‘new age’ and be done with the obstacles of the old one! ‘Yes we do’, agrees this Moon, ‘but all in good time’. Life is a process of action and inaction, rest and activity, highs, lows and limbo. No process is only movement, no goal achieved without time for rest. Everything in its own moment is infinitely more fertile than an over-zealous mind imposing its own timetable on awakening. ‘Timing is everything’ whispers this Moon, ‘and time to reflect can be the most creative time of all’.

Sarah Varcas

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