18th – 26th November 2015: Pluto Squares and Uranus Opposes Venus

by Sarah on 17/11/2015


 Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Libra, Uranus in Aries, love, deep truth, unity consciousness, conscious evolution, knowing the mind, managing the emotions


On Love’s Power


Sarah Varcas

At present, Uranus and Pluto are empowering Venus to become fiercesome and unremitting love in the face of even the toughest of challenges. The softness of an open heart can feel too vulnerable when confronted with the brutality of a polarised world in transition. Sometimes we need iron in our soul to embody the love that allows for healing of the world’s wounds. Venus in Libra is not naturally drawn to contemplating the fiercer love that Pluto and Uranus demand of her now, but their intervention reminds her that even in the darkest times there is a cherished place reserved for her tender heart.

In its square to Venus, Pluto reminds us that a willingness to regard the pain of this world directly is often the first step to individual and collective healing. We cannot simply float on the surface, allowing ourselves to be moved by tides of emotion without questioning why we feel as we do and how we’ve come to be who we are in the midst of a crazy world. When Pluto squares Venus allegiances are tested and deeper, more powerful feelings awakened. But beneath it all love reigns, expanding our attention beyond the comfort zone into which we allow those things and people we feel are ‘safe’ to love. With Pluto on the case, love is neither safe nor comfortable. It exposes and challenges our own limitations, prejudices and assumptions. It illuminates the boundaries of our affection, acceptance and compassion, urging us to breach them in favour of a world in which all things and everyone deserves a chance at redemption.

To love in the face of hatred and aggression, difference and discord, is one of – if not the – greatest challenge facing humankind today. As long as we perceive ‘the other’ as something to fear, conquer or control we live in a state of conflict within and without. Pluto’s alignment with Venus invites us to break that cycle and honour the interconnectedness of all beings through the one heart that beats at our collective core. It reveals the unremitting force that is love which stands firm when confronted with the darkest aspects of human nature and reminds us that love can be the most radical act in a world that wants us to hate – both ourselves and each other.

In its opposition to Venus, Uranus assures us love is a revolutionary force. The ability to hold our hearts open when instinct tells us to turn away, becomes the love that dares to speak its name no matter what the consequence. As we more deeply embrace the imperative to embody spirit, we must engage deeply with the world as we do so, not recoiling from its pain but beholding it fully with fierce compassion and unflinching grace that allows a forever connection.

There exists great freedom in such love, for we no longer need to evaluate or assess worth but simply embrace life as it happens, reacting not from a defensive or world-weary ego but from the divine flame that burns ever brighter within. But to share it with others we must begin with ourselves, for we cannot accept another’s darkness as we deny our own. Nor can we embrace those we would instinctively reject without enduring self-acceptance to strengthen our soul.

An exploration of acceptance is vital as these alignments occur. Who and what do we accept? Where do we draw the line? What does it mean to accept another and why would we want to do it? But first and foremost we must explore how deeply we accept ourself. Herein lays the key to peace within and without, for people who know their inherent worth create a world that allows for freedom and respect, not fear and oppression.

The heavens now assure us that love can see us through even the most challenging of times, not by decorating life’s surface with platitudes and denial but by penetrating deeply to strengthen our resolve. They remind us that love in its many guises is the most transformative force in this world and assist our access to it whenever and however we need.

Sarah Varcas

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