8th/9th August 2014: Approaching the Super Moon

by Sarah on 08/08/2014


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Trekking through the Shadowlands


Sarah Varcas

As we approach the Full Super Moon, many will feel the profound intensity of the energies as they build. Many have been feeling it for days already. These are not easy energies to live with. They penetrate to our core and expose what lies there, often the very things we have been trying to avoid, sometimes so successfully even we didn’t know they were there until… Bam!! There they are, in your face and unavoidable: anger, rage, jealousy, despair. You can add in your own! It all sounds tough and negative and one big trial, I know, but underlying this process is immense hope and possibility. For if we can look into the face of these disenfranchised and denied aspects of our psyche their energy becomes ours once more, to do with what we choose. The energy of rage can become the motivation to do what’s right, to protect the vulnerable, to speak the truth. The heaviness of despair can become the commitment to embrace hope and the simple possibility of change even when no change seems likely. The consuming force of jealousy can become the recognition that in owning our very selves, rather than allowing shame to deny who we really are, we have everything we could ever need right here.

This weekend is a time to face up to life in all its glory and all its horror. To know that we are a part of it and it is a part of us. We cannot detach from the bits we don’t want to acknowledge because life itself is everything and it all flows through us: good, bad, indifferent, positive, negative, creative, destructive, light and dark. We apply these labels as if they are ultimate constructs, statements of fact, but this weekend we have an opportunity to see through them and find the joy in despair, the destruction in creation, the new life in a bitter and painful ending; the humour in the darkness and the sorrow in the moment of birth. Nothing is only ever one aspect of experience. Everything is shot through with apparent contradiction. It’s what keeps us all alive, energised by the subtle tension inherent in the paradox of the human condition.

As we face the shadow of our own psyche, we may turn to spiritual truths and teachings for solace and reassurance. Humans have done this throughout time, seeking the greater truths within the human experience. At this time the heavens highlight both the helpful and unhelpful aspects of doing so. If spiritual truths are used to simply close down enquiry they are not being honoured for what they are but used as an obstacle to truth not a tool to realise it. If our immediate response to our own anger or rage, depression or fear is to think a positive thought to make it go away or tell ourselves it’s actually someone else’s energy that we need to protect ourselves from, then it may be we are not taking responsibility for what we find within us.

Whilst it is true that thought in part dictates our experience of reality, there are other more powerful forces within us: the force of emotion, the primal instinct for survival, the visceral nature of love. All of these things are part of our experience and changing our thoughts will not touch these levels of being until we have experienced them fully and without guile, making every square inch of them available to our consciousness. Alongside this we must penetrate the true nature of thought itself and learn to keep it where it belongs! Likewise if we are overwhelmed with the energy of others it is because it has found a vibrational home within us, a home for which we, and no one else, is responsible.

This coming Full Moon provides a potent opportunity to penetrate the nature of thought and understand more of its mechanisms. As we approach it we can experience the emotions and impulses beneath those thoughts and awaken to some of the most powerful energies prevalent in human experience. We are in the shadowlands here, which many seek to sidestep on the path of awakening. But all who seriously strive to realise the truth about themselves, life and the very nature of existence must traverse them to gain sovereignty over themselves.

The coming Full Moon in Aquarius is poised to challenge many beliefs, because the Aquarian Age is not about belief (which can so easily become dogma without us even realising it). It’s about a continued expansion of consciousness which requires only honesty and truth, alongside a willingness to allow all identification with anything else to ultimately fall away, breaking down barriers and opening the gates for a unified humanity not a disparate and divided one. In the run up to this Moon we will find more and more of ourselves brought out into the light, and alongside these revelations we can observe our response to what is revealed. Can we accept it, embrace and own it. Or do we move immediately to shut it down by changing our focus or locating its cause elsewhere other than within our own psyche and spirit? Can we create an environment in which we can all own up to who and what we are without being met with judgement, criticism or denial but instead with a compassionate and wise heart which knows that being human is incredibly tough and doing it with integrity is even tougher!?

Ultimately all of humanity wants the same thing: peace, security, respect, love. Fundamental rights, these days denied to so many. As we face with integrity and honesty what we find in our own hearts we do so for all of humanity, and as we move forward with wisdom and greater self-possession, no longer in the grip of unconscious forces, we contribute to the collective field the energy of peace, insight and truthful discernment. We acknowledge just how challenging life is and the enormous potential it contains, and we add our voice to those who seek the highest possible good for this planet and the deepest peace for all who live upon her.

Sarah Varcas

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