11th/12th May – 24th June 2015: Mars in Gemini

by Sarah Varcas on 06/05/2015


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Image: “Cosmic Doughnuts” by Gary Rosenberg


Mental Rejuvenation


Sarah Varcas

Mars enters Gemini on 12th May at 2:41 am GMT. In doing so it forms a T Square with Saturn and the Moon. This alignment accentuates the degree of February’s Black Moon, marking out this time as one of great energetic momentum, enabling us to resonate ever more deeply with the pulse of the burgeoning Aquarian Age.

Casting our mind back to February’s Black Moon can provide useful perspective. Occurring before the final Uranus/Pluto square and the Solar Eclipse, it may feel like an age away, but its foresightedness has offered hope and strength through the limbo of recent weeks. Rather than waiting for change it told us we must be it, a message restated now as Mars triggers new perceptions and Saturn tests the validity of our perspective. If we are so invested in being right that truth has long gone out the window or we take refuge in false certainty to avoid the chaos of confusion, we are challenged now to up our game and trade conviction for paradox.

When Mars is in Gemini our life force is channelled through the mind. Thoughts and ideas arise with lightening speed, but may disappear just as quickly! Communication is super-charged. We could speak without thinking or find ourselves saying all manner of things we never thought we’d utter aloud! Mars in Gemini loves healthy banter and wise-cracking humour. Through its witty and energised repartee shifts of perspective occur which can break open otherwise rigid patterns of thought and behaviour. This passage of Mars through Gemini is futuristic. It opens doors and releases potential. But if we overlook its deeper message we may simply find our brain a bit frazzled and our head ready to explode!

Because the Sun’s departure from Taurus on 21st May depletes the earth element, we must occupy our body with great awareness to ground this mental energy. Only then can we know our very selves as the conduit through which the Aquarian Age makes its presence felt. The capacity to release outmoded mental paradigms unlocks the promise of future possibility. A willingness to embrace fresh perspectives, even if unbelievable at first, allows them to blossom into truth from a new dimension. We must live life in full knowledge that what we see is but a fraction of what is, who we are a mere speck in the vastness of the cosmos and what we believe may be entirely wrong in every respect.

Mars is plugging us into the cosmic circuitry. It feels electrical, high voltage. It may blow a few fuses but that’s all part of the process. If we cannot take the current we must change until we can, strengthen ourselves through expansion: dare to think new thoughts, contemplate the impossible, envision a fantastical future. Without doing so we cannot birth the Aquarian Age which demands great things of the mind. Its journey through Gemini offers a roller-coaster ride of possibility. It may be so fast we feel our stomach left behind and our head dizzy with speed. Such is the energy of this time, with its wiley wit and rapid-fire wisdom.

In the coming weeks Mars rejuvenates the mind and reminds it what it can do. All we have to do is stay awake and keep up!!

Sarah Varcas

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