7th – 15th March 2015: Mars Conjunct Uranus

by Sarah on 04/03/2015


Spiritual Warriors One and All


Sarah Varcas

As Mars approaches the completion of his alliance with the South Node he begins to see the folly of his ways and decides to take a different approach to self-determination! He’s worked out that simply bullying the universe into submission isn’t going to work so he’s decided to take a leaf out of Venus’s book who rather enjoyed her recent dance with Uranus. But with the final Uranus/Pluto square now approaching, intensity is growing and these are powerful energies which we need to handle with skill and awareness. Uranus aligned with Mars in Aries is power-plus! Squared to Pluto it’s power-plus and then some! When aligned with our soul journey and resonant with the divine we can experience these energies as a powerful charge which heightens our ability to respond to life in the moment and do whatever needs to be done to follow through on the sacred plan. If we are misaligned with life and struggling to keep our head above water we may experience these energies as frustration which needs to find an outlet in order for energy to continue to flow.

If we find ourselves in the former category no further advice is needed! Just get on with it! If we’re in the latter, Jupiter reminds us that the birth of the real self is a long and oftentimes arduous process. It takes time and patience, fortitude and endurance. The real self is revealed in layers as the false self is gradually worn away by the constant rub of truth. When we have identified with aspects of the false self it can feel like our very heart is being worn down with it, and when we are desperate to escape the life it has created for us we feel suffocated and trapped, thirsting for freedom but without a single clue how to find it. Many may be feeling this way right now, trapped and restless, challenged to act but with no clue what to do. Jupiter in its expansive wisdom asks us to look within not without. The more deeply we can listen to the stirrings of the heart, the more closely aligned we can become to the path of truth, enabling us to shift when the opportunity arises.

The god(dess) force speaks with great power now. For those feeling trapped or overwhelmed by circumstance there are answers available if we listen deeply and allow them to arise from within. Ritual and ceremony may help with this, a walk in nature or a few hours set aside only for ourselves away from the demands of life and the people in it. Making this commitment to ourselves is important for it affirms our desire to know the truth and to hear the authentic wisdom of the divine within. It may not be what we expect to hear and its message may yet challenge us further, but we need truth to quench the soul thirst many feel right now. Hearing that truth, even if it comes as a challenge, is a step in the direction of living it. Which is where Mars comes in, for having given up trying to make life do what he wants, he’s decided to do what life wants and see how that works. We would be wise, right now, to take a leaf out of his book!

When Mars in Aries is devoted to the fulfilment of life’s potential we become unstoppable! This is the spiritual warrior who stands by truth no matter what, prepared to do whatever it takes to fulfil the inner call. This energy is available now. We can each be that warrior, discerning our path ahead, the call on our life, the shape we are to take as we journey onward, each a spark of the divine flame. This isn’t about planning our next move but knowing ourselves in such depth that the next move simply lives itself through us. We know what to do because there is nothing else to be done but that. Nothing else suffices. Nothing else satisfies. The life of the spiritual warrior is both battle and blessing, crusade and retreat. He is prepared to fight for what he knows to be true, to stand firm before it, no matter the nay sayers who seek to diminish and detract. She stays silent when there is nothing to be said and shouts loud when the truth must be heard. He honours not his own timing but that of the god(dess)-force which animates his every movement and breathes her every breath. As Mars and Uranus align we are each initiated into our warrior-hood to fight on the side of truth. The battle is a blessing and the fight an embrace. We can all be victorious together.

Sarah Varcas

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