Grand Trine in Water

2nd to 4th August 2013: Moon in Cancer and Mercury’s Return

by Sarah 2 August 2013

  Answers in the Silence by Sarah Varcas   This weekend presents an opportunity to return to centre, take a deep breath and regain some of the peace (or should that be pieces?!) we may have lost in recent days. The cosmic theme is one of searching, but in a focused and intentional way, not […]

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30th July 2013: Uranus Under Pressure

by Sarah 30 July 2013

  Keep on Keeping On by Sarah Varcas   As we approach the month end feelings may be running high and tensions sharpening the air around us. For the coming few days Uranus is especially under pressure from Mars and Pluto forming a T Square, and Venus and the North Node forming a Yod. In […]

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29th July 2013: Almost a Grand Sextile…. but not quite!

by Sarah 28 July 2013

  Strawberries a la Pluto by Sarah Varcas   Today the heavens almost form a beautiful configuration known as a Grand Sextile. But please, note the ‘almost’, because it’s the operative word here. There has been much talk of this configuration in recent weeks and it has been hailed, on occasion, as an indicator of […]

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26th – 28th July 2013: Moon in Aries

by Sarah 26 July 2013

  Cosmic Creativity by Sarah Varcas   This weekend the heavens are awash with energy, potential and possibility. To be honest, in its entirety it may all be a bit too much for us so we need to pick and choose wisely how we use these energies now. Extremes of exuberance and excitement are possible, […]

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25th July 2013: Messages from Venus

by Sarah 25 July 2013

  Descending to Evolve by Sarah Varcas   Venus is now creating a Kite formation out of the Grand Trine in Water we’ve been so engrossed with in recent weeks. Actually, engrossed is a good word for a Grand Trine, especially a water one: its energies flow so readily we can easily become absorbed by […]

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19th to 21st July: Preparing for the Full Moon

by Sarah 19 July 2013

  Embracing Vocation by Sarah Varcas   This weekend we are invited to consider issues of vocation. It’s an old fashioned word and not one we hear much these days. More often now we speak of life purpose, our heart’s calling, the thing that brings our soul alive. Vocation is all of these things and […]

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18th July 2013: A Subtle Shift

by Sarah 18 July 2013

  ‘To be or to do?’, THAT is the Question! by Sarah Varcas   Today the heavens move us gently from receptive to active mode. It’s only a subtle shift and not one to cause any major disruption for us, but it signals the beginning of our gradual emergence from the waters we’ve been in […]

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17th July: Grand Trine in Water exact today

by Sarah 17 July 2013

  Holding the Healing Space by Sarah Varcas   Today the Grand Trine in Water reaches exactitude. In fact we have two Grand Trines in Water today, or more than that if you get really picky, but I figure that two involving seven planets and the North Node is enough to be going on with […]

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16th July 2013: Grand Trine in Water

by Sarah 16 July 2013

  Gentle Babble or Mighty Roar by Sarah Varcas   Over the next three days the Grand Trine in Water, building since the end of May, reaches exactitude. In doing so it brings to us a deeper experience of the force of healing at the heart of the universe. This is not personal healing, although […]

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Week Beginning 15th July 2013: Uranus Retrograde

by Sarah 14 July 2013

  An Inner Voyage for Outer Change by Sarah Varcas   This coming week is one of great significance as the Grand Trine in Water that’s been building for the past month and a half reaches exactitude mid-week (16th/17th) just as Uranus begins a five month retrograde journey back through Aries. I shall be writing […]

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